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I know, you love superheroes, but sometimes they take themselves so seriously, right? Deadpool is the anti-hero antidote, working within the genre to create a fast paced origins/revenge story with mocking self-awareness. All I can say is: Don’t blink. The film delivers high velocity verbal action every bit as satisfying as the explosive, acrobatic exploits of its protagonist. Ryan Reynolds is devastatingly handsome and outrageously funny as Deadpool. Those of us who have been anticipating the movie for a while now, either enjoying the snarky trailers or trying to avoid …

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Khan Theatre: Mann Ist Mann

What is a man? Ignoring for the moment the sexist implications of language (perhaps I’ll tackle that one another time), let us for the moment assume that the word ‘man’ does stand for ‘human’. Bertolt Brecht’s play Mann Ist Mann presents the thesis that one man is no different from another, identity is a construct that can be taken apart and reassembled like any other construct. Directed by Sinai Peter, the Khan Theatre production amuses and then ultimately leaves one contemplative and perhaps even a bit morose, with more questions …

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33rd Jerusalem Film Festival 2016: Call for Submissions

Israeli filmmakers – the 33rd Jerusalem Film Festival is currently open for submissions! The deadline for submissions is Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 12:00 noon, and the rewards are high: in addition to monetary prizes, the festival is an excellent showcase for Israeli films, attracting both local audiences and international industry members. A new perk for filmmakers – last year the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences recognized the Jerusalem Film Festival
Films may be submitted for the following competitions: The Haggiag Competition for Best Feature Film, The Van Leer …

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Upcoming performances:
Wallflower by Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak – one of my favorites, is returning for several performances to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. New addition: artist Michal Chelbin’s video Raw Iron, inspired by Wallflower and created in collaboration with the Inbal Pinto Avshalom Pollak Dance Company, will be on view before and after performances. Read more about Wallflower via this link. http://www.midnighteast.com/mag/?p=29843 Performances: February 8th at 21:00; February 11th at 21:00; February 12th at 14:00; February 13th at 17:00 and 21:00. Ticket prices are 170 NIS/135 NIS seniors, …

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Brooklyn is a delicate, sensitive film, a gentle ode to expats, suffused with 50s nostalgia and working girl chic. Nick Hornby’s adaptation of Colm Tóibín’s eponymous novel, directed by John Crowley, eschews grand drama in favor of exploring the smaller stories of the heart. Saoirse Ronan shines as Eilis (pronounced Aylish) Lacey, who leaves behind her widowed mother and older sister Rose in Enniscorthy, Ireland, to seek out a new life in Brooklyn.
As immigrant stories go, this one is a best-case scenario: the wise and capable Rose has secured papers …

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Falling for Mark Morris

Experiencing the Mark Morris Dance Group in their Tel Aviv performances this past week, has brought me as close as I may ever be to knowing what it would be like to have Synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon in which the stimulation of one sense leads to the involuntary experience of another – like seeing colors when hearing sounds. All the elements of the performance work together, a complex design that converges in an experience of beauty. Image, sound, and movement merge in harmonious compositions suffused with joyous vivacity. The dancers …

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Australian Film Festival 2016

“Khan Yunis – you reckon there’ll be a pub there?”
(The Lighthorsemen)
Australian soldiers found themselves in the Middle Eastern deserts during World War I, doing battle alongside the British in a foreign land where the sun is harsh and water scarce. Hence, I suppose, the search for a pub.   The Lighthorsemen, directed by Simon Wincer, follows the experiences of a light horse unit involved in the 1917 Battle of Beer Sheva. The film is one of six feature films that will be shown in the 12th Australian Film Festival taking place …

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Lurrie Bell & Matthew Skoller @The Barby

The blues make a body feel good when times get rough, and that must be why there are so many of us loving the blues here in Israel, because as bad as it get, you can always sing about it. And dance. Dance I did last Saturday night, when a Chicago wind blew into town with blues guitarist Lurrie Bell and blues harmonica player Matthew Skoller.
Lurrie Bell’s got his mojo working,

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Adrian Belew Power Trio @The Barby

Adrian Belew, a multi-instrumentalist and innovative guitarist, best known for his unique guitar sound and his work as guitarist, co-writer, and lead vocalist for the progressive rock band King Crimson, will be coming to Israel for a one-night-only performance at the Barby in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, February 3, 2016. The Adrian Belew Power Trio has been touring and performing for the past decade, with Belew on guitar and vocals, Julie Slick on bass, and Tobias Ralph on drums.

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Lurrie Bell @The Barby

Chicago Blues guitarist Lurrie Bell will be coming to Israel for a special one-night-only performance on January 30, 2016 at the Barby in Tel Aviv.  It promises to be a great night for serious blues lovers, accompanying Lurrie Bell will be the Israeli blues band Full Trunk, and opening the show will be the Blues & Booz band, featuring Gal de Paz.
Enjoy the title track from Lurrie Bell’s 2013 album: Blues in My Soul

The blues are in his soul – Lurrie Bell was born into music. The son of blues …