Art On Screen 2021

Kinky Boots/Photo courtesy of Eden Cinema

Art On Screen is back! Now in its second edition, the festival is the initiative of Caroline Boneh, founder and General Director of Eden Cinema, brining plays, music performances, dance, and other art events to the screen. Art On Screen offers Israeli audiences the opportunity to enjoy performances that would otherwise not be seen in Israel. Now, more than ever, when travel is limited due to the pandemic, the festival invites audiences to escape into the pleasures of art. Art On Screen will take place from August 10 – 14, 2021, with 16 films on dance, musicals, opera and music, visual art and architecture, to be shown at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

A preview screening of Kinky Boots swept me away and won my heart! The musical is wonderful, with songs by Cyndi Lauper, book by Harvey Fierstein and direction and choreography by Jerry Mitchell. But before I rave about the musical, let me praise the outstanding accomplishment of Brett Sullivan who directed it for the screen. As a devotee of live theatre, I thought the filmed version might fall short, but instead, it has much to offer the viewer. Filmed live at London’s Adelphi Theatre, the sound is excellent, the angles and close-ups selected made me feel like I had front row seats, and the transitions were so seamless, it had great flow.

Now, to rave about the musical itself! Based on true events, Kinky Boots tells the story of Charlie Price (a fictional name) whose family has run a shoe factory for generations. Charlie (Killian Donnelly) is not really passionate about shoes, and sets his sights on London. But when fate leaves the factory in Charlie’s hands, he learns that it is in serious financial trouble. It looks like he will have to fire the factory workers, and shut down the factory. Unless… fate intervenes once more, and Charlie meets Lola (Matt Henry), a drag queen who can teach him a thing or two about life and the love of shoes. The two men are as different as can be, but as they join forces to save the shoe factory, they discover that they can be friends. Matt Henry exudes allure as the flamboyant Lola, and elicits one’s empathy with his touching vulnerability, inner resilience and courage. Lola’s backup ‘Angels’ are delightful as they glam it up and dance, and the songs are wonderful. One of my favorites is factory worker Lauren (Natalie McQueen) who has one of the most hilarious scenes in the musical, and very relatable as she sings: “women have been making bad choices since the beginning of time.” Kinky Boots delivers a message of acceptance and tolerance in a fun and lively package!

Art On Screen will take place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art from August 10 -14, 2021. All films have Hebrew subtitles. Ticket prices for filmed performances are 75 NIS, and 50 NIS for movies, with discounts for Digital card holders. All tickets include admission to the museum, and may be purchased online from Eden Cinema, or call: 6876*

The full program of Art On Screen:


The Red Shoes – Ashley Shaw ‘Victoria Page’. Photo by Johan Persson

The Red Shoes by Matthew Bourne – August 11th at 21:00

Le Corsaire – Marinsky Theatre – August 14th at 19:00

Swan Lake – Opera de Paris – August 13th at 11:30

Maurice Béjart, Soul of Dance – August 14th at 14:00


Kinky Boots – August 12th at 21:00; August 14th at 21:00

42nd Street – August 10th at 20:30; August 13th at 21:00

The King and I/Photo: Matthew Murphy

The King and I – August 12th at 15:30; August 14th at 15:30


Don Giovanni/Photo: Jean-Pierre Maurin

Don Giovanni – Opéra de Lyon – August 11th at 17:30

Paolo Conte – Via Con Me (It’s Wonderful) – August 10th at 15:30; August 13th at 14:30


Klimt and Schiele: Eros and Psyche – August 12th at 19:00

Frida/Photo courtesy of Eden Cinema

Frida – Viva La Vida – August 13th at 17:00

Gauguin – August 11th at 15:30

Picasso L’Inventaire D’une Vie – August 10th at 18:00

Renoir, Girl With a Blue Ribbon – August 14th at 10:00

Free Color (Carlos Cruz-Diez) – August 13th at 10:00

Eiffel Tower, Story of an Incredible Bet – August 14th at 11:30






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