Cannabis Film Weekend @TLV Cinematheque


The Tel Aviv Cinematheque and the Canna NGO present a weekend of films and discussions focusing on the responsible use of Cannabis, and decriminalization. Events will take place at the cinematheque on July 1 & 2, 2016.

the scientist 2 (584x442)

Here’s the full program:

Friday, July 1st

14:30 Screening of the film The Scientist: Are We Missing Something? (2015), directed by Zach Klein. The documentary follows the life and work of Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, and his research on THC. The film will be preceded by a panel discussion.

19:00 Screening of Marley (2012), the documentary film on the life of Bob Marley, directed by Kevin Macdonald.

22:00 Screening of Everybody Wants Some! (2016), directed by Richard Linklater. Sports comedy about college baseball players in 1980.

Saturday, July 2nd

12:30 Screening of Saving Grace (2000), directed by Nigel Cole. Comedy starring Brenda Blethyn as a widow who uses her knowledge of horticulture to overcome her debts, growing weed. The film will be preceded by a discussion.

14:30 Israeli films:

Bugs (1991), directed by Gur Bentwich. This 12- minute short comedy – a spacey guy and his neighbor fight to save his plants from infestation.


The Dealers (2012), directed by Oded Davidoff. Crime comedy with an Israeli neighborhood football feel. Childhood friends win at football, but get mixed up with local gangsters – how will they get out of this mess?

19:00 Screening of Pineapple Express (2008), directed by David Gordon Green. Seth Rogen and James Franco in a stoner-crime-action-comedy.

21:00 Second screening of Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!

21:45 Screening of The Big Lebowski (1998), directed by the Cohen Brothers. Jeff Bridges stars in the cult crime comedy.

Ticket prices are 39 NIS online, 42 NIS at the box office, and include admission to panel discussions. Tickets may be ordered online via this link.


  1. Please consider the above comment null and void: A mistake in the Jerusalem post of Friday July 1st indicated that the event was at the Jerusalem Cinematheque and not in Tel Aviv as on this pge; on top of that when I got to this page I did not notice TLV in the title for reasons best left to psychology; anger contributed and as I discover here, anger can effectively blind.
    I hereby apologize to all parties concerned.
    Eliahu Gal-Or

  2. I came today, Sat. July 2nd at 12:30 and the burly (Russian, Fat, looking at me with hostility already before I got ten meter close to the entrance, despite my never having met him before) security guard stood outside, arms crossed on his chest in a ready for attack position and told me: “The Cinematheque is closed; there is nothing for you to do here.”
    I explained to him that there was a programmed screening but he was adamant, and I left in fear of complicating the situation; I believe that this episode deserves review and that I am entitled to an apology in person by this guard. I expect the Cinematheque to deal with this episode of misconduct first, but failing that I will sue the security company in small business court and donate any award to charity but maximize publicity of it because I am not the enemy but a honest citizen entitled to be treated to the respect that behooves a human being. I live in Mevo Modiin but came to spend the Shabbat in Jerusalem expressly to be able to attend the aforesaid screening and this caused me inconvenience bordering on anguish.
    Eliahu Gal-Or 058-6272388

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