Celebrating Love in Tel Aviv


On Tu B’Av, August 15, 2011, one Tel Aviv couple will celebrate their love with the entire city in Gan Hahashmal in Tel Aviv. Inna and Pavel invite the public to their alternative wedding ceremony, which will be accompanied by music, dancing, art and workshops on love and marriage in Israel.

In the words of the organizers:
In the State of Israel, the Orthodox rabbinate has a monopoly over Jewish marriage. The state does not recognize the multitude of variants of Jewish life and culture that evolved in Israel in modern times, and sticks with ancient and rigid formulas supported by minorities of the Israeli population and the Jewish world. To date, the state offers no meaningful solution to the plight of hundreds of thousands of couples who do not want, or cannot, be married by religious laws.

Inna and Pavel’s marriage will not be recognized by the State of Israel, but it looks like it will be a lot of fun…and informative too. Connect to the facebook event page for updates.

17:30 DJ Schoolmaster and MC GOGA
Tel Aviv Dance Club swing dancing to New Orleans Function Jazz
Fashion exhibit – “Wedding dresses up to 2011NIS Get married gracefully”; workshops on relationships, love and Judaism; booths with information on marriage alternatives in Israel; Mamas and Papas – activities for children; Reaction Circus street theatre performance and a panel discussion for young people at Levontin 7 – “Where is my impact?”

19:00 Inna and Pavel’s wedding ceremony

The Apples
Sansa Sand Show

22:30  After party at Levontin 7
DJ Vaney Mass, DJ Sapiens, DJ Foday Kargbo (Washington)

Tu B’Av Festival of Love is held for the third year in Tel Aviv by Havaya – Secular Jewish life cycle ceremonies in Israel; Fishka – a young Russian speakers community in Israel; and with the support of the New Israel Fund, Genesis Foundation and the Posen Foundation. Event Partners: Youth Department of the Municipality of Tel-Aviv, the Bina center for Jewish Identity and Hebrew Culture, the Midrasha at Oranim Educational Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Israel, Levontin 7, Frau Blau and others.