We Have a Champion! – 100 Years of Israeli Football

Haim Revivo and his son on the Ashdod beach/Photo: Vardi Kahana

This coming March, the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv will be showing a unique and exciting collection celebrating Israeli football. The exhibition (6.3.12 – 20.6.12) is the first of its kind to be shown in Israel, and will attempt to offer a new take on its football culture. “We Have a Champion” will focus on the players, the managers, the fans, and the overall evolution of football as the national pastime since its arrival in Palestine in the early 20th century.

The exhibition, curated by Danna Heller, will explore the historical, political, cultural, and artistic significance and relevance of the game which has captivated millions of Israelis over the years, giving them moments of pure joy alongside overwhelming frustration. On display will be personal artifacts, collector’s items, films, radio and television broadcasts, photographs, and more.

“We Have a Champion” also seeks to show the many changes that we, as viewers and spectators, have undergone: from black and white television screens to the advanced smartphones; from classic radio broadcasts to the luxury of the internet. The posters, the songs, the films, the myths, the legends, and many other events and happenings which come with the territory of being a football fan in Israel. The exhibition will also feature an interactive gaming area, where patrons of the museum will be able to play a virtual game of football.

“We Have a Champion” will be shown in the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv March 6th through June 20th, 2012. The Museum will be open Sunday through Saturday, with varying daily schedules. For additional information: 03-6415244; http://www.eretzmuseum.org.il