Call for Poetic Flash Mob in Israel – February 29, 2012


Bring poetry into all of our lives – the Poet’s Struggle is organizing a poetry flash mob. At that moment, 17:30 on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 let’s hear your voices in Hebrew, Arabic, Yiddish, Amharic, Russian, French, and English create a poetic chorus throughout the land.

Calling on everyone to take part in this intimate mass action: wherever you are, at work, at home, on the beach, in a café, at the dentist’s office – stop what you are doing and read a poem.

Use your hearts, minds and technology – record the moment on camera or cellphone, upload to YouTube, send links to Get involved now – join the facebook event page.   Let’s hear your voices!

Inspired to know more? Take a look at The Poet’s Struggle and the World Poetry Movement sites.