Remembering the Victims: Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Event


Combatants for Peace will hold an Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Event in memory of all victims of the conflict, at the “Hangar 11”, Tel-Aviv port, on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 21:00. The ceremony will be in Hebrew and Arabic, and is open to the public. Among the participating artists are: Alon Olarchik, Ahinoam Nini and Gil Dor, Dana Vishinsky and Miriam Tokan, Shirana – the Jaffa Women’s Chorus, and the Ruth Kanner Theatre Group. Hosts for the evening will be Shira Geffen and Rima Joabra, musical production by Idan Toledano. Additional information is available on the Combatants for Peace website.


  1. Peace is necessary. When culture and identify makes us, as human beings, drive against each other, then its useless to possess it. Culture is uniquely relevant to identify our region, our language, our religion and our customs. The right minds and the right hearts need to be in the right place and time for collaboration to reach multicultural sustain. We know that both sides have bled, bled enough; the moment will be right if we all consciously look forward and realize that the past only delivers painful memories, but the future, hopes and furthermore, possible solutions.

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