Exodus – The True Story


Yes, it’s true – Midnight East is telling you all to sit at home on Sunday, November 29 and turn on your television sets to Channel 1 at 21:45 to see Exodus – The True Story. Hollywood, time and distance have created a soft-filtered, faded montage of historical events punctuated with the occasional blue-eyed, heart-throb hero, but there is so much more to this story. Directors Uri Borreda and Itzik Lerner follow Danny Avidar, Lili Carmon and Moshe Tyomkin.

The three retrace their paths, recounting their experiences as youths during the Holocaust, which left them alone in the world without home or family. Their courage to survive, envision a future and the strength of that vision which sustained them during the arduous struggles aboard the Exodus is at the core of Borreda and Lerner’s visually exciting, meticulously researched and inspiring film.

The personal story, filmed in Europe and Israel, is interwoven with archival footage and interviews with Exodus commander Yossi Harel z”l, Exodus captain Yitzhak (Ike) Aharonovitz, Shaul Beeber of the Palmach and Exodus crewmember Noah Klinger as well as members of the British Royal Navy who describe the story from their perspective. The film was produced by Shemi Shoenfeld and made possible by the support of The Avi Chai Foundation, Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, and The Makor Foundation for Israeli Films, Yad Vashem, Rich Foundation.

Image credit: Exodus at Haifa Port/Courtesy of Galai PR


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