Annie Award for Merav and Yuval Nathan


Yuval and Merav Nathan’s ad for the Spanish Lottery won an Annie Award, animation’s highest honor, for Best Animated Television Commercial, in a ceremony held Saturday, February 6 in Los Angeles. The advertisement Spanish Lottery “Deportees” was directed by the Nathans, with animation created by Guy Ben Shitrit, Yuval Natan and Pete Levin, and produced by Acme Filmworks.

The winning clip can be seen on youtube:

Merav and Yuval Nathan were commissioned to create the ad on the basis of their previous clip “Her Morning Elegance,” which they created with the songwriter Oren Lavi. The clip has had over 10 million hits on youtube and was nominated for a Grammy Award. Animators and directors, Merav and Yuval have worked together for several years, creating animated clips and advertisements and founding the One Wing Fly studio. They have created clips for Israeli artists such as Gilad Kahana, Amit Erez and Eatliz. Their recent clip for Eatliz, “Attractive” received the title of “clip of the decade” from the music channel and is frequently shown on MTV Europe.

Her Morning Elegance – check it out:


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