Jerusalem Nights


Jerusalem’s nightlife will be so hot this winter, they had to invent a new app for it! All the info you need for a very lively winter is on the Jerusalem Night Guide, find it here. All events are listed in Hebrew, with a selection on the English page.

Gulaza/Photo: Ronen Goldman

A selection of coming events:

A look at the House-Techno Music scene – Thursday, December 22nd at 21:00, DJ Stephan Babaz and David Elimelech. Admission free. Thursday, December 29th at 20:30 – Carlos Nillmans (France) will open the evening with a masterclass on his inspirations and influences, mixing and more, followed by Johnny B, and Lazy Hershberg. Admission free. Cactus 9 (4 Shushan St)

Tarbutav – encounters with artists from HaTav HaShmini. Friday, December 23rd at 13:30 – The Tree House Kids will talk about their work and sing. Children admitted free. Monday, December 26th at 20:30 – Eran Tsur. Thursday, January 5th at 20:30 – Yasmin Levy. 16 Shamai St. Admission 30 NIS.

High Heels – Performance, cross-dressing, Spoken Word. Saturday, December 31st at 22:20, Noctorno (7 Bezalel St).

Hafla Streams – New music from the Arab world. Wednesday, December 21st at 20:30 – Fortuna Records. Wednesday, December 28th at 20:30 – Atar Mayner, Ramzi Al Spinoza, Gal Kada. Bear (33 Yafo St). Admission free.

Stories of Immigration – Saturday, December 24th at 20:30 – screening of the film “Summer 89” about a family immigrating to Israel from Ethiopia, followed by a conversation with the director, Esti Almo-Wexler and a performance by Gili Yalo. Wednesday, December 28th at 20:30 – on immigration from Russia with DJ Evgeny Cherdekov.

Raash Traveling Band – Wednesday, December 21st at 21:00, HaMifal (3 HaMa’aravim St). Saturday, December 24th at 22:00, Akrot HaBayit at Pub HaSira (4 Ben Sira St). Saturday, January 7th at 22:00 – Hinom host Stephen Peskoff, Pergamon (1 Horkenus St).

Site Effect – music, spoken word, object theatre & more. Tuesday, December 20th at 20:00, Duo Looky at Abraham Hostel (67 Haneviim St). Admission 25 NIS. Tuesday, December 27th at 20:30 – dance, cross-dressing, animation & theatre by graduates of Bezalel and the Visual Theatre. Bear (33 Yafo). Admission 25 NIS.

Pinkas Express – cooking workshop, movie & a show. Saturday, December 24th – grape leaves and a performance by Gulaza (traditional songs of Yemenite women in new arrangements). Saturday, December 31st – sphinge & Eran Zamir. Pinkas HaKatan (14 Rivlin St). Admission free.

The Salon: Music, Life & Love – the Alaev Salon with music and stories. Wednesday, December 21st at 21:00, Casino de Paris (3 Mahne Yehuda St). Admission free. Tuesday, January 27th at 20:00, Noctorno (7 Bezalel St), Admission 30 NIS.

Gypsy Music Night – Sunday, December 25th at 20:00, Birman (8 Dorot Rishonim St). Admission free.

ArTolerance – at Tmol Shilshom (5 Yoel Moshe Salomon St) – Thursday, December 22nd at 21:00, Tandu musical duo. Admission free.