Hullegeb Theater Mini-Festival in Tel Aviv


The Hullegeb Israeli-Ethiopian Theater ensemble, under the artistic direction of Moshe Malka, will hold a mini-festival in Tel Aviv, from June 12 – 14, 2018 at the Inbal Theatre. Three plays will be presented: Unpleasant Girl for a Serious Relationship, Love Story by Chulot, and Gi and Go: Premiere Performance.

Founded in 2004 at the initiative of Confederation House and the Ministry of Culture, the theater’s artistic and social aims: “to provide a stage for actors of Ethiopian origin; to give expression to social distress and problems through artistic works; to show Israeli audiences the complexity and richness of the Ethiopian community in Israel; to create a quality and professional alternative theater on a high artistic level; involvement in the Ethiopian community through drama workshops for youth and the Hullegeb Israeli-Ethiopian Arts Festival; to deal with universal questions related to alienation, minorities, immigration, racism and class discrimination through artistic media.”

About the shows:*

Gi and Go/Photo: Moshe Malka

Gi and Go: Premiere Performance

A performance of modern clowning, dance and physical theater, without words. Two characters dressed in suits and top hats burst onto the stage and move as a single person at a fast pace. The characters embark on a wild journey from freedom and idleness to sisyphic effort in a factory. Both characters move and dance at a hysterical pace creating their own clowning idiom, slapstick and dance, with rock music and sound effects.

Creation and staging: Moshe Malka; Participants: Tzvika Hizikias, Adam Shapira; Choreography: Tzvika Hizikias; Music: Adi Hayyat; Sets and Costumes: Gili Azran; Video: Ariel Cohen; Lighting Design: Nehorai Levidor; Stage Assistant: Nir Landa; Assistant to the Director: Hadas Kidron.

Performance: Tuesday, June 12th at 20:30

A Love Story by Chulot/Photo: Moshe Malka

A Love Story by Chulot

A nonsense comedy created in the overheated mind of the young writer Chulot, about a tough female ex-convict who leaves jail to embark on a journey in the country’s farthest reaches to find her disappeared younger sister. There is a series of colorful characters on this night journey along Israel’s roads. The actors portray wild characters at a dizzying pace, to the accompaniment of rap music and video segments.

Written by Moshe Malka; Actors: Tehila Yeshayahu-Adghe, Tzvika Hizikias; Music: Abate Barihun; Sets and Costumes: Gili Azran; Video: Ariel Cohen; Lighting Design: Nehorai Levidor; Stage Assistant: Nir Landa

Performance: Wednesday, June 13th at 20:30

Unpleasant Girl for a Serious Relationship/Photo: Moshe Malka

Unpleasant Girl for a Serious Relationship

The Hullegeb Theater Ensemble under the artistic direction of Moshe Malka presents a comic one-woman play–attempting to begin a new phase in life, the protagonist makes fun of herself, the Israeli-Ethiopian community, and Israel.

Script and Direction: Moshe Malka; Actress and co-author: Tehila Yeshayahu -Adghe; Music: Adi Hayyat; Set and Costumes: Gili Azran; Lighting Design: Nehorai Levidar; Assistant to the Director, Nir Landa

Performance: Thursday, June 14th at 20:30

Ticket prices are 50 – 60 NIS, to order call: 02-6245206.

*information about the shows is provided by the theatre.