T-Market Tel Aviv

Photo: Elizur Reuveni

Music, crowds, clothes – a T shirt market is the ultimate urban ritual.

Whether buying or browsing its a fun event that takes place twice a year in Tel Aviv and other cities in Israel.

What happens when two Polaniyot (technically -Jewish women of Polish ethnicity, but its really more a state of mind) get together?

Photo: Elizur Reuveni

Nu, shoyn, they start making T shirts with Yiddish proverbs on them, and Yiddish Chic is born!

It’s not just about clothes, there are cool accessories too.

Photo: Elizur Reuveni

For the environmentally conscious, Gal Barash makes jewelry out of motherboards.

Photo: Elizur Reuveni

These two brothers each pursue independent careers, but get together twice a year to make Alice – inspired T shirts.

Photo: Elizur Reuveni

Overheard at the T-market:

He: Hey, what do you want me to do? The shirt didn’t fit me!

She: But it was beautiful!

Photo: Elizur Reuveni