Endgame Premieres at the Khan


Samuel Beckett’s Endgame, directed by Nola Chelton, will premiere at the Khan Theatre on Saturday, April 24 at 21:00. The play takes place in an isolated room that is partly underground.

The stage is occupied by a four person family that has found refuge there from the world outside: Hamm, the master of the house, Clove, his son and servant, and Hamm’s elderly parents Nag and Nell. Hamm is blind and confined to a wheelchair, Clove serves him constantly and is unable to either rest or leave. Nag and Nell live in trash cans, never coming our. Clove looks out the window and tells Hamm about his observations of the world outside. Everything appears dead; there is no land, no water, and no clouds.

The four characters torment one another, as family members do, in a game that imitates life while time passes them by. Through the relationships between the characters their hopes, fears, pain and memories reveal themselves as desperate attempts to vanquish despair in a world where all that remains is this game.

Endgame by Samuel Beckett, directed by Nola Chelton
Translation: Yael Renen
Actors: Arye Cherner, Nir Ron, Irit Pishtan, Yohachin Friedlander
Set design: Miriam Gortsky, Costumes: Noa Rom, Lighting: Roni Cohen
Khan Theatre, 2 David Remez Street, Jerusalem
Tickets: 02-6718281