Children of the Bible

Children of the Bible

A screening of Nitza Gonen’s documentary film Children of the Bible, will take place at the Inbal Multicultural Ethnic Centre on Sunday, May 23 at 20:30. The film is part of a series titled “Hamehadshim” (Hebrew: Revivers), that views Israeli society and culture through the eyes of young Israelis working to revive and preserve their cultural heritage.

Jeremy, a young Ethiopian rap artist, attempts to change the low self-image of the Ethiopian community in Israel. He tries to reconnect Ethiopian youth to Ethiopian songs, the meaning of their Ethiopian names, the history of the Jews in Ethiopian and their journey to Israel which has become a legend. Likewise, he tries to stimulate the Kesses, the Ethiopian Rabbis, to fight for their lost spiritual status. He succeeds in helping them gain a sense of identity and self worth. He is also engaged in an attempt to encourage the Kessim (the spiritual leaders of the Ethiopian community) to regain their role, and as a first step, records their songs.

Shai Fredo

The screening will be followed by a discussion with Jeremy KolHabash, moderated by Shai Fredo.

Nitza Gonen has directed and produced several award-winning films that address social issues unique to Israeli society. Her most recent documentaries include The Bunker, about an Israeli artist who focuses on Hitler in his art work; Daddy Come to the Fair, documenting a Holocaust survivor’s journey to Poland with his son; and My Four Children, about a woman raising four abandoned children with Down’s syndrome. Gonen’s series Dimonians, about people living in the Negev desert, was nominated in 2003 for an Israeli Film and Television Academy Award.

Inbal Multicultural Ethnic Center
6 Yehieli Street, Suzanne Dellal Centre, Tel Aviv
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