Tel Aviv Cinematheque Screenings for Vision-Impaired

Karaoke/Photo: Daniel Miller; courtesy of Lev Cinema

The Tel Aviv Cinematheque in cooperation with the Central Library for the Blind, Visually Impaired and the Handicapped, will launch a new project “Roim et HaKol” which will enable vision-impaired viewers to enjoy screenings of full-length Israeli films using the “Greta” app, which makes the film accessible through earphones. The title “Roim et HaKol” means “seeing everything” in Hebrew, yet it also has an additional meaning: “kol” is a homonym, which, spelled differently, means sound, making the project’s title – seeing the sound. The films for this project were selected according to their suitability for vision impaired viewers and were made accessible with the support of the Israel Film Fund. The Tel Aviv Cinematheque is accessible to vision-impaired visitors and the app is a service provided free of charge. Admission to the films in this project is 28 NIS and one may bring a companion and/or seeing-eye dog free of charge. For additional information and tickets, call: *6876

Karaoke will be the first film in the series, and will be screened at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque on September 21, 2022 at 17:30. Written and directed by Moshe Rosenthal, the film won the GWFF Award for Best First Film at the 2022 Jerusalem Film Festival. The film features excellent performances by all three leads. Sasson Gabay and Rita Shukrun star as Meir and Tovah, a middle-class couple in their 60s, living not-quite-their-best-lives in a neighborhood of Holon, with the unspoken feeling that they have missed out. The high point of their routine lives is their annual vacation to Rhodes. All this changes dramatically with the arrival of a new tenant in the penthouse of their building. Lior Ashkenazi dazzles as Itzik, a modeling agent from Miami, a handsome, extroverted bachelor who leads a luxurious and hedonistic life, hosting karaoke parties in his spacious apartment. Their interactions with Itzik awaken dormant feelings in Meir and Tovah, affecting each in different ways. Their lives take a lively twist as they discover more about Itzik, themselves, and one another.


Israel/2022/103 min/Hebrew