Set the Night On Fire with Macbeth


If you are looking for a travel agency that will transport you to a world where life is ruled by death, crime is the norm and there is no value to human life –Biuro Podrozy Theatre’s production of “Macbeth” will take you there, accompanied by motorcycles, stilts and fire. Subtitled “Who is That Bloodied Man”; the open-air performance based on Shakespeare’s play will be performed in English, June 1 – 4 in the plaza of the Cameri Theatre.

Founded by Pawel Szkotak in 1988, Biuro Podrozy Theatre (the name means “travel agency” in Polish) addresses social and political issues through its use of visual and physical theatre. The award winning alternative company has created several large-scale outdoor productions, literally bringing theatre to a wider audience. Originally commissioned by Cork European Cultural Capital, this production of Macbeth was first performed in 2005 in Ireland, and has participated in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2007), Shakespeare Festival in Denmark (2008), and National Theatre – Watch This Space Festival in London (2008) among others.

Taking its inspiration from Shakespeare’s play, it addresses the problem of evil, taking place “on the borderline of reality and nightmare, where earthly characters coexist with witches and ghosts.” Macbeth and Banquo, returning victorious from the field of battle, encounter three witches who foretell their destinies: Macbeth will become king, and Banquo’s children will be kings. The each man’s response to this prophecy and its bloody fulfillment spins out a tale of death and desire, which will be played out in the open air with the imaginative use of a mobile set.

In the tradition of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the audience will have the option of purchasing seated or standing tickets, but that is probably the only traditional element in what promises to be a very different look at Shakespeare.

Performances: June 1 – 4 at 21:00
Duration: 70 minutes
The Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv Plaza
19 Shaul MaMelech Blvd
Tel Aviv

Sponsored by The Adam Mickiewitz Institute
Bat Yam International Street Theatre
Tel Aviv-Yaffo Centenniel Celebration


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