Written by: [22 Oct 2014 ]
Noa Shadur: Shifters/We Do Not Torture People

Noa Shadur’s Shifters held its world premiere at the Tmuna Theatre’s October Festival, in an evening composed of two works: Shifters, a duet for two male dancers; and We Do Not Torture People, which premiered in Curtain Up 2012, and recently won first prize in the 2013 No Ballet Choreography Competition, Ludwigshafen, Germany.
Shadur’s work often explores harsh and difficult themes, yet it is profoundly aesthetic. Her movement language reflects a deep involvement and research, resulting in a physical expression of the concept that feels very natural and intuitive. Shifters is …

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Written by: [21 Oct 2014 ]
The Beach Boys Cancel Performance in Israel

No Beach Boys for us, at least not now. Here is the official notice received today:
“The Beach Boys have cancelled their appearance Saturday night, November 29, 2014 at Nokia Arena in Tel Aviv.  The band looks forward to returning to the region as soon as possible. Ticket holders will receive refunds within 14 days.”
Why did they cancel? Well, they didn’t confide in me. Is it due to political pressure? Maybe. Perhaps they just don’t feel safe in this region. Sometimes I don’t feel very safe in this region, but it’s …

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Written by: [21 Oct 2014 ]
Meet Disney’s Moana

Meet Moana – the latest adventurous Disney teen, who will be sailing the Pacific Ocean to fulfill the quest of her ancestors. What does she look like? That remains a mystery for now, the comedy-adventure is scheduled to debut in late 2016.
Walt Disney Animations Studio have announced today that the film will be directed by Ron Clements and John Musker. Together these two have created the enchanting worlds of The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, as well as The Princess and the Frog. Let’s hope that the quirky characters, alluring villains …

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Written by: [20 Oct 2014 ]
Cirque Éloize: Cirkopolis

Starry-eyed and breathless, I’ve just seen an enthralling performance by Cirque Éloize at the Israeli Opera: Cirkopolis.
Cirkopolis is a world unto itself. With a reverential nod to Metropolis, a giant factory of a city, a great machine comes to life before our eyes, and within the dark caverns of turning wheels and gears, the people, the spark of life enslaved within this monstrosity spin, leap, and whirl, performing feats of strength, agility and delight. Cirkopolis renews our capacity for wonder.

Co-directors Dave St. Pierre and Jeannot Painchard have created a perfect …

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Written by: [20 Oct 2014 ]
Israeli Cinema Day: October 23, 2014

Thursday will be a good day to go on an all-popcorn diet: in celebration of Israeli Cinema Day, cinema chains and movie theatres will be selling tickets at just 10 NIS (14 for 3D)! Over 40 theatres are participating, including cinema chains: Yes Planet, Cinema City, Rav Hen, Lev, Globus and Globus Max. Demand is expected to be high, so you may want to order your tickets in advance (some websites may charge 4 NIS for ordering online, but you should still be able to stay within your budget).
Tickets will …

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Written by: [20 Oct 2014 ]
Jerusalem International Oud Festival 2014

I love the sound of the Oud, in all its many musical forms. The Jerusalem International Oud Festival, now in its 15th year, will take place from November 6 – 15, 2014, under the artistic direction of Effie Benaya, General and Artistic Director of the Confederation House. The festival celebrates a meeting of cultures, the presence and influence of Arabic music in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures.
Artistic Director Effie Benaya stated to the press: “Now more than ever, it is important to emphasize, through music, that which unites us, that …