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La Bohème at the Israel Opera

A starving writer sits in his freezing apartment, trying to finish an article. His work is interrupted by a new neighbor, a beautiful girl he’s never seen before. She’s looking for her lost key, and she’s shivering even more than he is. Sparks fly, and both abandon their work for a night on the town in Paris’ Latin Quarter.
Thus begins Puccini’s beloved La Bohème, soon to be presented in a new production at the Israel Opera, conducted by Maestro Daniel Oren and directed by Stefano Mazzonis di Pralafera.
The opera is …

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Written by: [15 Apr 2014 ]
ON-time Contemporary Circus Festival

ON-time, a festival of contemporary circus performance will take place in Hadera from April 24 – May 3, 2014. Contemporary circus uses the traditional circus skills to create a show centered around a theme or story, with an emphasis on aesthetics and content. The ON Contemporary Circus Creation Center will feature two new works (intended for adult audiences), and will be hosting Gilgamesh, a performance for the whole family. Performances will take place at the Mix Commercial Center (East entrance to Hadera, opposite the fire dept.) on 5 Zahal Street.
Somewhere …

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Written by: [8 Apr 2014 ]
Yossi Sassi – Capturing the Butterfly

A guy and a guitar – it’s about as far as you can get from heavy metal, but that is my first impression of Yossi Sassi. Not that the co-founder and former member of Orphaned Land is going acoustic, not at all, and that amazing instrument he’s holding is a guitar and then some… He’ll soon be launching Desert Butterflies, which looks to be a densely textured album, with layers of sound and some exciting collaborations (Marty Friedman, Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, Mariangela Demurtas & more). The album launch will take …

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Written by: [8 Apr 2014 ]
UK Jewish Film Festival Comes to Tel Aviv

The UK Jewish Film Festival will come to Tel Aviv, as the Tel Aviv Cinematheque celebrates the UK Festival, now entering its 18th year! A selection of international Jewish films screened at the recent UK Festival this past fall, will be shown in Tel Aviv from Wednesday, April 16 – Saturday, April 19, 2014.
Opening the festival will be the French film The Jewish Cardinal (Le métis de Dieu – France, 96 min, 2012, French with English and Hebrew subtitles), directed by Ilan Duran Cohen. The historical drama tells the true …

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Between Friends

Between Friends steps into that most intimate of intimate circles, the daily life of a Kibbutz. Today, the Kibbutz as an entity has all but ceased to exist. Yes, there are still places with the name “Kibbutz,” but most have as much in common with any small town or rural village as they have with one another, very few retain the ideology and distinct socio-economic order of the utopia to which the Kibbutz aspired. For many years Kibbutz ideology held such a revered status and exerted such influence that no …

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Written by: [3 Apr 2014 ]
Document EP: Reset Your Mind

It’s that bright-edged darkness, like jumping up and down on a tightrope over highway, that thing that makes me move, that makes me want to listen, want to dance. Document have it in their new EP Reset Your Mind.  Definitely worth a listen… if you like that post-punk 80s sound.
Not everybody does, and that’s OK. Lots of different music around to catch your fancy. This band caught mine. Describing themselves as a “post-punk band from a junkyard in Tel Aviv” Document are: Yaniv Brenner – Guitar; Yehuda Meshulam – Guitar; …