Written by: [27 Oct 2016 ]
Through the Wall

Through the Wall is a romantic comedy with a difference, and not just because the protagonist is Ultra-Orthodox. Written and directed by Rama Burshtein (Fill the Void), the film satisfies the wacky requirements of the genre, with an abundance of rollicking humor, yet reaches beyond them too. Taking place between worlds – that of Ultra-Orthodox and secular society in Israel, Through the Wall shines in the details, the nuances of conversation. Clever, edgy, funny and even poetic at times, the dialogue carries the humor and the emotion of the film, …

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Written by: [23 Oct 2016 ]
International Music Showcase IL 2016

The International Music Showcase is a marathon of Israeli jazz, world music, rock and indie bands, with performances taking place on two weekends: November 16 – 20 will focus on jazz and world music, and from November 23 – 27, it’s going to be all about rock, indie, pop and electronica. Join music industry experts from around the world in experiencing the diversity of the Israeli music scene.  Come and show your support for your favorite bands, and get to know some new favorites! The shows are open to the …

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Written by: [20 Oct 2016 ]
Abu-Gosh Festival 2016

Starting this weekend, the Abu-Gosh Festival will begin its 25th year. Set in the historic village of Abu Gosh in the hills surrounding Jerusalem, the festival takes place in two very different churches.

The festival celebrates the choral tradition through the centuries. Baroque, Renaissance and liturgical music are joined by folk songs, original compositions and exotic instruments such as the oud, bouzouki and mandolin.
The Israel’s leading soloists and ensembles take part in the festival, including the Barrocade Ensemble, the Moran Ensemble, the Ramat-Gan Chamber Choir, and many more ensembles. Festival founder …

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Written by: [15 Oct 2016 ]
Deca’le October 2016

Deca’le is an exuberant mash-up of selections from Ohad Naharin’s choreography, edited to suit all ages. I’ve seen, and enjoyed it many times (the young companions by my side super enthusiastic as well) – each edition is composed from a different selection of works. The works are performed by the Batsheva Young Ensemble, famous for their outrageous talents and phenomenal energy. Deca’le is set on the Ensemble and always acquires new colors in rehearsal, reflecting the individuality of the dancers, as well as the uniquely textured and detailed explosion of …

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Written by: [15 Oct 2016 ]
Child Mother

“I got married when I was 13, I understood nothing…I jumped off the roof… I wandered for seven years, God didn’t let me die, he let me run…with us, it wasn’t about love, fathers decided” – these are the voices of women forced into marriage as young girls.

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Written by: [12 Oct 2016 ]
From Jaffa to Agripas 2016

Contemporary dance meets bar hopping in Jerusalem! The c.a.t.a.m.o.n. Dance Group presents From Jaffa to Agripas 2016 – dance in the Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem.