Written by: [25 Jul 2016 ]
Intimadance 2016: Rules of the Game

If you’re going to take risks onstage, be prepared, be precise, and be powerful. Qualities the works presented in Intimadance 2016 all possessed, which is saying a lot for a festival of 11 new works. Under the artistic direction of Tal Yahas, Yair Vardi and Nava Zuckerman, Intimadance 2016 took place from July 21 – 24, with the theme “The Rules of the Game,” inviting choreographers to explore the changing rules of the game in the current Israeli social-political-cultural scene. Tmuna always takes a ‘total’ approach to the festival, utilizing …

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Written by: [21 Jul 2016 ]
Complexions Contemporary Ballet: Israeli Tour 2016

Complexions Contemporary Ballet opened their Tel Aviv performance with elegance and verve, in a program that showcased the versatility and range of Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Complexions, choreographer Dwight Rhoden, and the dazzling company of dancers.

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Written by: [16 Jul 2016 ]
Jerusalem Film Festival 2016: Awards

Asaph Polonsky won the Haggiag Award for Best Israeli Feature Film for his debut feature One Week and A Day, as well as Best First Film and Best Script, and the Fipresci Award for Best Israeli Debut. Pololsky’s comedy addresses serious themes with sensitivity and a smile. Featuring outstanding performances by Shai Avivi, Evgenia Dodina and Tomer Kapon, the film strikes a universal chord, while reflecting nuanced aspects of Israeli culture and relationships. Produced by Saar Yogev and Naomi Levari, the film held its world premiere at Cannes 2016 Critic’s …

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Written by: [14 Jul 2016 ]
Jerusalem Film Festival 2016: Laurie Anderson

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” Ludwig Wittgenstein
A poetic reverie on love and death, Laurie Anderson’s film Heart of a Dog was shown this past week at the Jerusalem Film Festival, both screenings followed by a conversation with the artist. It is a rare gift to experience an artist as present, as thoughtful and generous as Laurie Anderson. Even at the last screening, which ended sometime around midnight on Tuesday, July 12th, she was entirely attuned to the audience, listening and responding attentively to questions …

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Written by: [11 Jul 2016 ]
Whit Stillman on Love & Friendship

As comic as they are perceptive, Whit Stillman’s films are a social commentary on our time, and enormously entertaining. His new film, Love & Friendship, premiered at the Jerusalem Film Festival, with Stillman in attendance as one of the festival’s honored guests. An adaptation of Jane Austen’s little-known epistolary novella Lady Susan, Love & Friendship is a high-velocity hilarious romp with a beguiling demeanor, trenchant wit, and vitriolic social critique.

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Written by: [10 Jul 2016 ]
Jerusalem Film Festival 2016: The Red Turtle

The Red Turtle is a film of astonishing beauty and warmth. The debut feature of Michael Dudok de Wit, a co-production with Ghibli Studios, the animated film is without dialogue, speaking directly to the heart in images, movement and sound. The story is deceptively simple: a man is stranded on an island, and must find a way to survive. It has all the markers of a classic tale, yet is imbued with unexpected finds and imaginative treasures, told with humor and compassion.