Fringe Nights – March 2011

Negev Theatre - Lo Omrim Nehmad al Gever/Photo: Eyal Bribram

Walk on the wild side of theatre with Fringe Nights – March 2 & 3, 2011, with a marathon of 16 performances from 13 fringe theatres. There is a lot to celebrate this year with the 10th anniversaries of the Karov Theatre and Shlomi Centre for Alternative Theatre, 20 years to the Notzar Theatre making their new home in Bat Yam, 25 years to the Negev Theatre and the Malenki Theatre’s new home at the Gay Centre in Gan Meir. Everyone can join in on this celebration – tickets are only 20 NIS!

Theatres in the Tel Aviv area will host 6 plays from theatres located in other parts of the country, including the Negev Theatre, the Nazareth Fringe Ensemble, Notzar Theatre of Bat Yam, Shlomi Centre for Alternative Theatre, Acco Theatre Centre, and Hullegeb Theatre of Jerusalem.

The program will include 5 premieres:

Nu Zipor Lishrok (Come On, Bird, Whistle) by A. D. Delai, directed by Elad Sharabi. A twelve year old girl’s story of the fears and pain of the past that shape the present. A Tzavta Fringe Centre production. Thursday, March 3 at 20:30, Tzavta Theatre.

Buba Mitnapahat (Inflatable Doll) written and directed by Yair Sherman. A wild comedy with 7 actors and a piano that deals with colonialism – Zionist, Jewish and Arab, as it is expressed in daily life. An Arab-Hebrew Theatre production. Thursday, March 3 at 20:00, Arab-Hebrew Theatre.

Habuahali, written and directed by Yael Tal, about a group of actors performing a social political satire that becomes the subject of the satire. Thursday, March 3 at 22:00, Arab-Hebrew Theatre in Jaffa.

Lo Omrim Nehmad al Gever (You Don’t Call a Man Nice) a comic, physical theatre performance, based on personal materials from a woman’s perspective. Created by Lee Nahat-Shalom, Hedva Butra, and Tamara Kovalesky. Directed by Lee Nahat-Shalom. A Negev Theatre Production. Wednesday, March 2 at 20:30, Hasimta Theatre in Jaffa.

Ding Dong, presenting the first part of a trilogy based on Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba, relating to the text in a new way. Created by Tamar Raban and Ensemble 209, directed and edited by Tamar Raban. A Bimat Meitzag – Ensemble 209 production.  Thursday, March 3 at 20:30, Bimat Meitzag.

Special events:
Karov Theatre celebrates with the performance “10” highlighting the theatre’s creative achievements of the past ten years. All members of the Karov Theatre will perform in this humorous chronicle of their past productions and artistic journey. Thursday, March 3 at 20:00, Karov Theatre.

Malenki Theatre invites the public to an open house in honor of their new home in the Gay Centre at Gan Meir. The play Orpheus in the Metro will be performed free of charge. Thursday, March 3 at 20:30, Malenki Theatre. Read Midnight East’s review here.

New original productions:
Tmuna Theatre presents two productions: Ham BeTveria  and Fade.

Ham BeTveria (It’s Hot in Tiberias), by Nitzan Cohen and Nisso Kabia, and directed by Nitzan Cohen, is a nostalgic, comic monodrama going back to Tiberias of the 80s through the eyes of a Bar Mitzvah boy. Thursday, March 3 at 18:30 and 20:30, Tmuna Theatre.

Fade – the parting performance of Ra’anan Ferrera and Roy Naveh, is a new comedy, winner of the Best Acting Award at the 2010 Acco Fringe Festival. Written by Roy Naveh and Ra’anan Ferrera and directed by Moshe Ben Shushan, it tells of two frustrated, anonymous actors who decide to abandon their profession and organize a farewell performance for themselves that goes out of control and becomes an evening of protest and settling scores with the entertainment world. Wednesday, March 2 at 20:00, Tmuna Theatre.

Hasimta Theatre presents two productions: Treats and Betulot Shiduch.

Treats, by Christopher Hampton, translated by Nahmi Drimer and directed by Ofer Amram, is a play about a destructive love triangle that examines the balance of power in relationships and the choices people make. Thursday, March 3 at 20:00 and 22:00, Hasimta Theatre. Read the Midnight East review here.

Betulot Shiduch, by Hannah Azulai-Hasfari and Michal Vered, directed by Efrat Nataniel, deals with the fears, hopes and secrets in an extremist conservative society. Thursday, March 3 at 19:30 and 22:00, Hasimta Theatre.

The Nazareth Fringe Theatre Ensemble presents Shemesh Al Telchi (Sun Don’t Go) by Iman Jabaria, directed by Munir Bakhri. The play deals with the encounter between two generations, with the Nakba between them. The play is in Arabic with Hebrew translation.  Wednesday, March 2 at 20:30, Arab-Hebrew Theatre in Jaffa.

Hullegeb, the Ethiopian-Israeli Theatre, presents Teret-Teret, an original adaptation of funny Ethiopian stories, adapted and directed by Moshe Malka. Wednesday, March 2 at 20:30, Tzavta.

Notzar Theatre presents Bat Shaul (Shaul’s Daughter), by Matan Orian, dramaturgy and artistic direction Dalit Millstein, directed by Guy Cohen, tells the story of the first Hebrew princess. Wednesday, March 2 at 21:00, Hasimta Theatre.

Acco Theatre Centre presents Mot HaDarwish – Yeriat Hemsheh (Death of the Dervish), created and directed by Smadar Yaaron, and performed by Yaaron and creator/performer Ran Ben Dror – a provocative encounter between dance and war toys. Wednesday, March 2 at 20:30, Malenki Theatre.

The Shlomi Centre of Alternative Theatre will present Tzhok HaDmaot (The Laughter of Tears) dealing with the pain of helplessness, idea and design by Alan Kozinsky, Yossi Yodfat and Pancho Edelberg, directed by Pablo Zaltzman. Wednesday, March 2 at 20:30, Karov Theatre.

The Fringe Nights festival will close with the Kipod Zahav Awards Ceremony on Friday, March 4, 2011 at Tzavta Theatre. Tickets for all Fringe Nights performances are offered at the symbolic price of 20 NIS. Preview clips from the different plays on the Fringe Nights YouTube channel.

Arab-Hebrew Theatre, 10 Mifratz Shlomo Street, Jaffa, 03-5185563
Bimat Meitzag, Central Bus Station Tel Aviv, 4th floor gate 41, 03-5372096
Hasimta Theatre, 8 Mazal Dagim Alley, Old City of Jaffa, 03-6812126
Karov Theatre, Central Bus Station Tel Aviv, 4th floor, 03-6885004
Malenki Theatre, Gay Centre in Gan Meir, 03-6163849
Tmuna Theatre, 8 Soncino Street, Tel Aviv, 03-5611211
Tzavta Theatre, 30 Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv,03-6950156-7


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