Shani Cohen – Mars Needs Moms

Shani Cohen/Photo: Itzik Biran

Shani Cohen, the Israeli comedienne from the satiric TV show Eretz Nehederet, has been chosen to dub the new Disney movie Mars Needs Moms. Shani will be dubbing the voice of the main female character – Milo’s mom, who is abducted by aliens because… Mars needs moms.

The 3D computer-animated sci-fi film is based on the book by Berkeley Breathed and produced by Robert Zemeckis. Milo sets out to save his mom, stowing away on a spaceship to take on the aliens and their leader. With a little help from his friends – tech-expert Gribble and Martian rebel Ki, sounds like Milo will find what he’s looking for . Mars Needs Moms will be released in Israel on March 17, 2011.