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Home is the place where your friends know where to find you, where you can kick off your shoes and dance. Artists have always been wanderers, but it’s not only nice to have a place to come home to, it’s a necessity. The creative family of the Choreographer’s Society in cooperation with Levontine 7, has made Warehouse 2 at the Jaffa Port their home for the next 4 weeks, with live music, dance performances and a bar.

Jaffa Port is becoming a place where dreams come true – the dark pier has already been illuminated by the Nalaga’at Center with its theater, restaurant and café. The excitement generated by the Home Port festival suggests that this could be the next neighbor to move in. And move they did – opening night on March 12th was a heart-stopping sequence of 36 short solos (with a few duets to vary the theme), ushered in by Oy Division’s contemporary klezmer, joyous mingling, hugs and champagne.

Creating an alternative space not only for the performers but for the audience, who can take a break between sets and hang out in the bar or bring a drink into the next performance, the wide space and exposed brick walls have all the excitement of raw material, an undefined space that can contain anything and everything. Preparations seemed almost as much fun as the event itself, with the choreographers participating in every aspect of the planning and work; the joint effort generating all-embracing warmth.

The performance began with the moving presence of Talia Paz, filling the night air with a yearning to hold the disappearing moment as it moves on. Choreographers followed one another in succession on the simple dance floor laid out in the center of the room, briefly sharing the stage as the transition between dances took place. With the simplest of props and lighting, the diversity of styles and abundance of talent was dazzling, and this month long celebration has just begun.

Coming up are:
Saturday, March 14, 2009 at 21:00
Aviv Eveguy’s Animus and Dimona followed by Midnight Peacocks

Tuesday, March 17 at 21:00
Yasmeen Godder’s Singular Sensation
Followed by Karni Postel on cello with Leora Belford and Ido Gobrin in a video-sound performance.

Each performance will include both dance and a live musical performance; a full schedule is online at:
Tickets:  03-9021563
Warm clothing is recommended!
Come back to Midnight East for more updates!

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