Tribute Planned for Kol Demama Founder Moshe Efrati

Kol Demama Dancers

A tribute to Israel Prize Laureate choreographer Moshe Efrati, founder and artistic director of the Kol Demama (Hebrew: sound silence) Dance Company is planned for this coming December 24, 2011. Kol Demama was a unique dance company integrating hearing dancers with hearing impaired dancers. The company was active from the late 1960s until about 1998, performing in Israel and internationally to critical acclaim.

Organizers of the event are hoping to contact everyone closely involved with the company – dancers, set and costume designers, musicians, lighting designers, photographers and everyone who took part in this creative undertaking.

If you were a member of Kol Demama, or know someone who was involved with the company, please contact Rama Goren-Hakimi:

Let’s make this a night to remember – share this information with anyone who might have leads to Kol Demama dancers, and join the facebook event page for updates.


  1. To dear Efrati Moshe,

    Thank you so much for invaiting me to join Kol and Demama from 1978-1982. I will never forget the wonderfull memories not just only dancing, performing and teaching but your humor, father a like, strong and warmest person I have ever seen before.

    I wish all the former dancers would feel the same, thank you for a beautiful book, Troupe, Sound and Silence. Thank you Efrati.

    All the best wishes

    Love and warmest

    Golda Dahan

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