Action in Three Days – Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy at ICON TLV


Horror, science fiction and fantasy receive much-wanted attention in preparation for ICON TLV 2011.
The fantasy and science fiction festival ICON TLV is hosting “Action in Three Days”, a competition in which filmmakers are invited to shoot and post-produce a short film− all in 72 hours. This celebration of horror and fantasy looks to stir things up in a national movie scene dominated by drama and war-centric films.

Lior Yardeni

The competition is in honor of Lior Yardeni, a lover of science fiction and fantasy, who died of a heart attack at only 29. Yardeni himself was a filmmaker, and specialized in stereoscopic 3D movies that are viewed around the world.

Shooting of the movies will begin at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque at 12:00 on October 2, and must be submitted exactly 72 hours later. At the starting point, competitors will be given a sentence and an item they must incorporate into their work. The movies will show at ICON TLV. The Yardeni family will be awarding 10,000 NIS to the winning films.

Application for the competition has closed, but you are all invited to view the resulting films and support the sci-fi and horror genres at ICON TLV, which will take place from October 15 – 27, 2011.

To view the 2010 first place winner click here, and see the 2010 runner up here:



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