Talia Shapira: 1946 – 1992

Talia Shapira

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 will mark the 20th anniversary of Talia Shapira’s death. Shapira, born in Ramat Gan on August 6, 1946, was a singer, actress and entertainer. She performed in an IDF military ensemble along with Dori Ben Zeev, Tiki Dayan and Avi Toledano. Onstage, she performed at the Cameri Theatre, Haifa Theatre, Theatron HaAmami, and the Orna Porat Theater for Children and Youth. Her film roles include: Ephraim Kishon’s Ervinka (1967); Boaz Davidson’s Shablul (1971); Uri Zohar’s Einayim G’dolot (1974); and Boaz Davidson’s Hagiga B’Snuker (1975). She was awarded “Best Actress” at the Safed Film Festival in 1975 for her role in Assi Dayan’s Hagiga Le’enayim.

Talia Shapira died at the age of 45, after a battle with cancer. Shapira’s son, Yoni Bentovim, a founding member of the Tel Aviv grunge/punk band Zikney Tzfat, is currently working on a documentary film on Shapira’s life. A private ceremony will be held tomorrow at the cemetery in memory of Talia Shapira.


  1. may you rest in peace.
    thank G-D for the joy you gave us,
    the pleasure you’ve left behind.

    hope to meet with again …..Talia

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