Tel Aviv Dance 2009: Cisnes Negros


A bare stage sets the scene for “Cisnes Negros” (Black Swans), a darkly sensual exploration of primal urges and the animal nature created by Yoshua Cienfuegos, choreographer and artistic director of Cienfuegos Danza. The ten year old company arrives in Israel for the first time from Spain, as part of the Tel Aviv Dance Festival. Performances will take place October 19 & 20 at the Suzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv.

The company’s aesthetic is a theatrical style relying on strong technique, which communicates an emotional story through asymmetrical compositions and contrasts of light and shadow. This is reflected in the dancer’s costumes, which convey the characters they portray. Conceptually based on exploration of movement, “Cisnes Negroes” is also very physical in its depiction of the search for pleasure.



Artistic director and choreographer Yoshua Cienfuegos trained at the Institut del Theatre in Barcelona and studied with Vicente Sáez and Dámien Muñoz. He founded the company in 1999, after winning a prize for choreography in Madrid. Tickets: 03-5105656,,il Cisnes Negros (Black Swans)