Israel Festival for Children 2012


The Israel Festival for Children, a collaboration of the Israel Festival with Holon – the Children’s City, is a celebration for children and families with an array of International and Israeli performances – and it all starts this week! Performances will take place from May 23 – June 9, 2012 in Jerusalem and Holon, with some productions appearing in Beer Sheva and Modi’in.

Hadag Nahash & The Revolution Orchestra/Photo: Yossi Zwecker

Taking the party out onto the streets, Hadag Nahash and the Revolution Orchestra, conducted by Roy Oppenheim and under the artistic direction of Zohar Sharon, will perform new arrangements to the popular band’s songs on May 27th in the Holon Mediatheque Plaza at 21:00 – the event is FREE and open to the public.

International Performances:

Instant Happiness/Photo: Pep Bou Company

“Clinc! Instant Happiness,” is the newest show by Spanish artist Pep Bou and his company. Using water, soap, hoses, lighting, smoke machines and more, the group tells the story of two characters who learn to change their perspective as they behold the beauty of their surroundings and start working together. Performances: Holon Mediatheque – 24.5 at 18:00; 25.5 at 14:00 & 21:00; for tickets call 03-5021552. Beer Sheva – 27.5 at 18:00, for tickets call 08-6102000. Modi’in – 28.5 at 18:00, for tickets call 08-9737333.

The Flying Karamazov Brothers – A wild and crazy juggling and acrobatic group made up of four Jewish actors from New York who use humor and their incredible abilities to put on a great show. Performances: Jerusalem Theatre – 6.6 at 17:30, for tickets call 02-5605755. Holon Mediatheque – 7.6 at 18:00, 8.6 at 14:00; for tickets call 03-5601552.  Modi’in – 9.6 at 18:00, for tickets call 08-9737333.

Draw Me A Bird/Photo: Ludovic des Cognets

“Draw Me a Bird”, a magical dance performance for children inspired by the poems of Jacque Prevert and performed by Britain’s Peut-être children’s theater. It tells the story of a little bird who loves the songs of a Parisian street musician so much that when all the other birds fly south for the winter, she stays behind. Performances: Holon Mediatheque – 29.5 at 17:30, for tickets call 03-5021552. The company will also present a dance workshop on May 28th at the Holon Mediatheque.

Yamato/Photo: Masa Ogawa

Yamato – The Drummers of Japan will stage a virtuosic performance of drumming and movement. The group, now numbering 17 members, has appeared in 50 countries and won the Spirit of the Fringe Prize at the Edinburgh Festival. Performances: Jerusalem – 24.5 at 20:00 Har Hatzofim Amphitheatre, for tickets call 02-5605755. Holon Mediatheque 28.5 at 17:30 & 21:30, for tickets call: 03-5021552.

Original Israeli Productions:

The Frog and Toad/Photo: Eyal Landsman

“The Frog and Toad,” a musical based on the beloved series of children’s books by Arnold Lobel, about the adventures of a slick, smart frog and a hesitant toad; for ages 4+. Performances: Holon Mediatheque – 23.5 at 17:30, 2.6 at 11:00; for tickets call 03-5021552.

Momo/Photo: Eyal Landsman

“Momo,” a new production based on the classic work of Michael Ende, about time thieves and the girl that recovers humanity’s lost time; for ages 8 +. Performances: Holon Mediatheque – 26.5 at 11:00, 6.6 at 17:30; for tickets call 03-5021552.

“Butterfly Kiss,” a wordless solo directed by Elinor Agam Ben David and performed by Meital Damari, that tells the story of a little girl’s search for the butterflies she has collection. This production involves the audience and is appropriate for kids as young as two (up to 6). Performances: Holon Mediatheque – 2.6 at 10:30 & 12:30, 4.6 at 17:00; for tickets call 03-5021552.

“The Witch in the House Across the Way,” by Yoav Bar-Lev and Irit Kaplan, is amusing and suspenseful adventure involving three lonely kids who discover the power of friendship, for ages 6+. Performances: Holon Mediatheque – 4.6 at 17:30, for tickets call 03-5021552.

“Yaldat Hapa’amon” (The Bell Child) is a musical by Nava Semel and Ben Artzi, inspired by an ancient Chinese fable about an emperor’s search for a perfect bell. Performances: Jerusalem Theatre, Henry Crown Hall – 7.6 at 17:30, for tickets call 02-5605755. Holon Mediatheque – 9.6 at 11:00, for tickets call 03-5021552.

Additional information in English is available on the Israel Festival website.