Israel Women’s Network Celebrates 25 Years


The Israel Women’s Network celebrates 25 years of achievement with the gala performance of “Yentl” at the Cameri Theatre in Tel Aviv, tonight, November 4 at 19:00, in an evening hosted by Einat Erlich, with Minister of Education Gideon Sa’ar in attendance.


From Alice Miller’s petition to the High Court of Justice that paved the way for women to become pilots in the Israeli Air Force, to the recognition of childcare expenses for tax deductions, the Israel Women’s Network has worked on behalf of women’s rights for the past 25 years, with an impressive list of accomplishments along the way, including: fair representation of women on the board of directors of government owned companies, and a law against sexual harassment, in addition the network has helped hundreds of women re-enter the workforce and has established programs to support young girls at risk.


The Israel Women’s Network has joined with the Cameri and Haifa Theatre’s to present tomorrow’s gala evening. Proceeds from this evening will assist the network in its continued efforts to advance women’s causes in Israel. Among the donors for the event are: Bank HaPoalim, Isracart, Strauss, Jerusalem Foundation for Justice.


Nurit Tsur, General Manager of the Israel Women’s Network, said, “Yentl is a reminder that we must continue our struggle so that women will not have to disguise themselves in order to have the same opportunities and achievements as men.” HaPoalim Bank has supported the activities of the Israel Women’s Network for many years. Hannah Pri-Ziv, Vice CEO of HaPoalim said, “Promoting the education of girls and women is one of the most important components of their individual development, and a crucial tool for eliminating the existing salary gap between women and men, and as such is a great contribution to the Israeli economy.”



Wedesday, November 4 at 19:00

Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv

Tickets: 03-6123990

 Image credit: Gerard Alon