Tel Aviv Dance 2009: Uncomfortable/Evolution/Modern Feeling


This season Tel Aviv Dance opens a window onto countries and choreographers who have not been presented in Israel, upcoming are three choreographers from Korea, winners of the 2008 choreographic festival at Seoul. Two performances at the Suzanne Dellal Centre for one day only: Thursday, November 5 at 17:00 and 21:00.


Ryu Seouk Hun: Uncomfortable

Walking with god but feeling uncomfortable, Sitting straight but feeling uncomfortable, Identity broken off in my life. Isolation in the dead smile hidden behind the back. Dead communication I’ve lived and will live. My dream lays beneath the last my back view and…




Huh Kyung Mi: Evolution

I’m walking, walking my way step by step. All my stories on this way. Meetings and partings…desires and frustrations…LOVE and Hope. I am completely being faced with all these things, silently or fiercely I going through it. I’ll call it my own evolution. How are you developing your own evolution?


Lee in Soo: Modern Feeling

Habitually questioned and answered daily conversation may seem indifferent to one another. But it doesn’t show meaningless emotions. It may say the most important thing.


Tickets: 03-5105656,

Top image: Lee In Soo: Modern Feeling