Asif 12th Anniversary – August 12, 2012


Asif 2012 will celebrate its 12th anniversary on August 12, 2012 at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque – don’t miss this auspicious date and the opportunity to see a wonderful variety of contemporary Israeli animation. The annual Israeli animators’ event is organized by ASIFA Israel in cooperation with Animix, the International Animation, Comics and Caricature Festival.

Sunday August 12th:
09:30 – Asif Panorama – a screening of a selection of student films, the harvest of six different animation schools.
19:00 – Asif Main Event – a screening of the best Israeli animation of the past year in the categories: independent films, commissioned films, children’s films and student films. The Asif Awards Ceremony will take place after the screening.

Films nominated for Asif Awards:


Black Cat

Black Cat – How a kitten turns into a panther: a documentary animated film based on the life of Moshe Amoyal, born in the Musrara neighborhood of Jerusalem and a “Black Panther” activist. Created by Liav Zabari.

Mechonat Israel

Mechonat Israel (the Israeli machine) – A satiric/protest film that presents the machine which is Israeli society. Director: Mysh and Mashko (Mysh Rozonov & Oren Mashkovski); Animation: Oren Mashovski; Design: Mysh; Soundtrack: Uri Kilian/SweetSound.

Hilik & The Ghost – Nir & Gali Shorts

Hilik and the Ghost from the series “Nir & Gali’s Shorts” – A nighttime encounter with a ghost and an anxious dog. Director: Gali Edelbaum; Screenplay: Nir Graber; Design & Animation: Nir & Gali.


Maelstrom – The life and death loop of a man-wolf trapped in a video game. Director & Animator: Zach Cohen; Soundtrack: Jim Guthrie.

Bad RenRo

Bad RenRo – The story and surprising struggle of the artist, Holocaust survivor Dov Or-Ner, told through a combination of Stop Motion and still photography, showing how he reveals to all his private “Hitler” – who never relents, yet never wins. Director: Mira Lapidot & Roma Butman, Animation: Roma Butman; Production: Mira Lapidot; Soundtrack: Yuri Frimenko.

TIME – Izabo

TIME – Izabo – the video clip for Izabo’s song representing Israel in the 2012 Eurovision competition. Director: Eran “Shushu” Spanier; Animation: Idan Gilboa; Design: Shirley Eva Bahar; Soundtrack: Izabo; Photographer: Moshe Misheli; Production: Firma Productions Adar Shafran and Roni Avramovsky; Editing: Ornit Levi; Post: Itay Mayer.


The Story of Cholera – Yoni Gudman
Shikun uBinui – NADLAN – Eli Sverladov Snowball Studios
Hiriya – Sharon Gazit, Pil Animation
Shit Girls Say in Restaurants – from the “Strutonim” series – Director & Animation: Doron Kenigsberg; Illustration & Animation: Or Weitzman; Project Manager: Lianne Poel, Creative VP: Niv Poel; CEO: Shahar Bar David.
Tavor Wineries – Sharon Gazit, Pil Animation


Uncle Efraim, from the “How A Song is Born” project – animator: Sharon Gazit
The Scent of Chocolate – Uri Naor for “Hop Yaldut Israelit”
How I Wanted a Dog (Kama Ratziti Kelev) from the “How A Song is Born” project – animator: Sharon Gazit
Gogi and Magogi  – Super Gezer – Nir Mulad
The 16th Sheep, from the “How A Song is Born” project – animator: Sharon Gazit



Bloch  – a portrait of the “other” in society, describing his loneliness, emotional and social isolation. Director, Animation & Design: Daniel Goldfarb, Shenkar; Soundtrack: SweetSound.

BePeh Paur veOznayim Atzumot

BePeh Paur veOznayim Atzumot (With Open Mouth and Closed Ears) – A day in the life of a young woman who lives a life of silence and loneliness with her friend the fish. Director: Emli Noy and Tom Madar, Sapir; Animation: Em-li Noy; Design: Em-li Noy; Soundtrack: Dror Shiman; Screenplay: Tom Madar; Photography: Tom Madar.


Altneuland – A personal interpretation to Herzl’s utopian book. A surreal allegory, emphasizing the feeling of the absurd and lack of stability that the filmmaker experiences as an individual and as part of Israeli society. Director & Animation: Sariel Keslasi, Bezalel; Compositing: Udi Keslasi; Sound: Dror Shalit.

Out of Nowhere

Meshum Makom (Out of Nowhere) – An aging lifeguard cares for an empty, abandoned pool. An encounter with a chicken leads him to re-examine his life. Director & Animation: Maayan Tzuriel & Isca Mayo, Bezalel; Soundtrack: Yehu Yaron; Soundtrack Design: Yoav Brill; Recording & Mix: Shay Levinstein; Voice: Gil Naamati.


Nyosha – based on the true story of Holocaust survivor Naomi Kappel, z”l. Nyosha is a ten year old girl, who has the apparently simple and naïve dream of buying a pair of shoes, believing that in the harsh reality of war, these shoes will keep her alive. Director & Animation: Liran Kappel, Yael Dekel; Soundtrack: Yonatan Englander; Yoav Hudin.

God Is Kidding

Eich Osim Elohim (God Is Kidding) – the film explores the different paths to belief in God, based on interviews with children. Director & Animation: Boaz Balachsan, Dima Tretyakov, Bezalel; Soundtrack: Shaham Rotem, Daniel Shemer, Eitan Shefer; Children interviewed: Inbal “Buli” Herman, Kerem Ackerman, Omer Shabtai, Noga Hoter, Noam Gross, Noam Rimon, Maya and Hadar Carmeli, Ariel Nahman.

Asif team: Gilat Parag, artistic director, ASIFA Israel; Nuni Tal, production; ASIFA committee: Tsvika Oren, Avi Ofer; Animix Festival: Nissim Hezkia, Dudu Shalita, Galit Barsky.