“Hyde Park” at the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem


Have something to say about science in relation to the exhibits at the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem? Now’s your chance to seize the podium and share your thoughts with an audience!  On election day, Tuesday, January 22, 2013, you can be a museum tour guide for the day, taking groups of visitors through the museum, your way.

The museum is currently accepting submissions for this unique opportunity. Hurry – the deadline is January 6th! Preference will be given to submissions that relate specifically to the museum’s exhibitions and  presentation/tour that is no longer than 20 minutes and does not require additional equipment beyond the existing exhibitions in the museum. To apply, fill out the online form here.  The form is in Hebrew, but I would expect that filling it out in English would work just fine.

In addition to having your say on science, those selected to be “Hyde-Park” tour guides for the day will receive free admission for self and entourage (family), a museum T shirt and of course, the adulation of the admiring crowds. Go for it!

Bloomfield Science Museum, Hebrew University, Givat Ram,  02-6544888.

Link to the museum website (English) here, facebook page here.

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