Dr. Aubrey de Grey to Lecture on Life Extension in Tel Aviv


Want to live forever, or at least stick around a lot longer than current statistics on life expectancy predict? British researcher Dr. Aubrey de Grey says it can be done.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey
Dr. Aubrey de Grey

Even more amazing, Dr. de Grey will be coming to Tel Aviv to give a one-time-only talk about life extension on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 19:30 at the Passage Bar, 94 Allenby Street, Tel Aviv. The event is sponsored by  Hava LeHaba poetry magazine and Utopia – the Tel Aviv international festival for science fiction, imagination and the future. The talk is open to the public and admission is FREE! Due to limited space, advance registration is required, please click here to reserve a place.

Dr. de Grey is one of the founders of the Methuselah Foundation and is the chief science officer at the SENS Research Foundation. He aims to transform the way the world researches and treats age-related disease. Dr. de Grey is visiting Israel for the first time to take part in the 8th European Congress of Biogerontology at Ben Gurion University.

In anticipation of the talk, read more about Dr. de Grey here, and enjoy his TED talk here.