Harold Lloyd Retrospective

Harold Lloyd - Safety Last (1923)
Harold Lloyd – Safety Last (1923)

Who is that man on the clock? Even if you have never heard of him, you’ve probably run into this image of Harold Lloyd, the man dangling from the hands of a clock, with a look on his face that is somehow more surprised than scared at his predicament. The prolific Lloyd (1893 – 1971) has an impressive filmography, and made nearly 200 films between 1914 and 1947. History has set him in the shadows of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, but he was immensely popular and successful in his day, and certainly deserves another look.

A retrospective of Harold Lloyd’s films will be shown at the Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem Cinematheques from April 1 – 12, 2014. Given his extensive filmography, it would be impossible to present a comprehensive program, yet the range of films provides an opportunity to become better acquainted with the man who put on a pair of funny looking glasses to create an “everyman” character with whom audiences readily identified.

Special events at the Harold Lloyd retrospective: film critic Jay Weissberg (Variety) will be coming to the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem cinematheques to accompany the screening of Grandma’s Boy (1922) with a talk about the comedian and his art. The Tel Aviv and Haifa Wacky Film Club will accompany screenings of The Kid Brother (1927) with a talk by filmmaker and comedy scholar Alon Gur Arye.

The full program of films:

Safety Last! (USA 1923)
Tel Aviv – April 1st; Haifa – April 4th; Jerusalem – April 5th

An Eastern Westerner (USA 1920) & High and Dizzy (USA 1920) & Get Out and Get Under (USA 1921) & Never Weaken (USA 1921)
Tel Aviv – April 2nd; Haifa – April 16th; Jerusalem – April 10th

Grandma’s Boy (USA 1922) with a talk by film critic Jay Weissberg (Variety)
Tel Aviv – April 5th; Haifa – April 6th; Jerusalem – April 3rd

The Freshman (USA 1925)
Tel Aviv – April 3rd; Haifa – April 10th; Jerusalem – April 5th

The Kid Brother (USA 1927)
Tel Aviv – April 12th; Haifa – April 19th; Jerusalem – April 17th
*the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem screenings will be in the context of Alon Gur Arye’s Wacky Film Club.

Speedy (USA 1928)
Tel Aviv – April 6th; Haifa – April 16th; Jerusalem – April 8th

Feet First (1930)
Tel Aviv – April 7th; Haifa – April 17th; Jerusalem – April 12th

Movie Crazy (USA 1932)
Tel Aviv – April 8th; Haifa – April 18th; Jerusalem – April 15th

The Milky Way (USA 1936)
Tel Aviv – April 10th; Haifa – April 7th; Jerusalem – April 17th