Shmemel New Video: Berlin


Had it with the highs (your rent) and lows (your paycheck) of life in the Holy Land? Lots of young Israelis (and not just struggling artists) are looking outwards these days, finding their new promised land somewhere else, somewhere where the living is, if not easy, then at least easier than it is here. Why do I live in Israel? Beautiful beaches, family, crazy creativity – I love Israel! But some of us end up loving it and leaving it… and that’s OK. Or is it?

Shmemel/Photo: Ron Borkin
Shmemel/Photo: Ron Borkin

Shmemel are singing about it all in the catchy Berlin, a tongue-in-cheek hymn to what has become the new promised land (especially for young musicians and artists) that tussles with the tough questions and debates surrounding the issue of emigration. Brain drain? Betrayal? Or just people trying to live as best they can, wherever love, luck or a decent job takes them.

Funny, intelligent lyrics (a great reason to work on your Hebrew) by Dror Waidman; fun tune by Waidman and Yaniv Raveh – I’ve been listening to this song all day. The video for Berlin was made in collaboration with many Israelis living in all four corners of the world. Enjoy!