Levontin 7 Jazz Festival


Israeli jazz is everywhere, lucky for us, some really cool musicians will all be in Tel Aviv this coming week! Levontin 7 will be hosting a festival of Israeli jazz from November 23 – 25, 2014.

The full program:

Sunday, November 23rd
20:00 Rotem Sivan with Haggai Cohen Milo, Ziv Ravitz. Tickets are 40/50 NIS.


22:00 Omri Mor & Gilad Abro & Ofri Nehemya. Tickets are 50/60 NIS.

23:30 Tel Aviv Meeting. Tickets are 10 NIS.
Combined ticket for the entire evening is 80 NIS.

Monday, November 24th

19:00 Master Class with Tal Gamlieli
20:00 Tal Gamlieli (bass) with Voyage Trio: Kevin Harris (piano), Jorge Perez Albela (drums). Tickets are 40/50 NIS.


22:00 Omer Klein Trio with Haggai Cohen Milo (bass), Amir Bresler (drums). Tickets are 60/70 NIS.

23:30 Mika Hary Quartet with Hadar Noiberg. Tickets are 40/50 NIS.
00:00 Daniel Sarid & Nadav Masel & Ofer Bymel. Tickets are 10 NIS.
Ticket for the entire evening: 90 NIS.

Tuesday, November 25th

20:00 Shai Maestro Trio with Joe Sanders, Ziv Ravitz. Tickets are 60/70 NIS.


22:00 LayerZ with Yonatan Albalak, Gilad Abro, Aviv Cohen. Tickets are 40/50 NIS.

23:30 Ariel Shibolet. Tickets are 10 NIS.
Ticket for the entire evening: 90 NIS.

Tickets may be ordered in advance from Levontin 7. Call 03-5605084, Sunday – Thursday between 12:00 – 18:00.