The Stage Presents: Pub Trivia


pub trivia dancing camel friday dec 5

OK, you are a huge fan of the performing arts, and you know that Avenue Q won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2004 – but do you know that just about everyone thought another musical would take the prize. Guess which musical it was? *

Come test your knowledge of performing arts trivia!

The Stage is hosting “Pub Trivia,” the second in their fun “First Fridays at the Dancing Camel” series. The first event was a Broadway/Disney songs sing-along, great fun! After a beer or two, even the shy people came up to the mic to belt out a tune. Midnight East, of course, has few inhibitions, so yes, I was singing all afternoon.

It’s a team competition, so if you are planning to come with a team, the recommended number is 2 – 4 people. If you are coming solo, don’t let that stop you from joining the fun – The Stage will set up teams at the event (great way to meet people with shared interests). Dancing Camel, 12 Hataasiya Street, Tel Aviv. Starting at 13:30. Link to the event page here.

For more info, contact The Stage:

*Which musical was predicted to win the Tony Award in 2004? Post your guesses in the comments, or, if you are feeling lazy, take a look at this link.