For those looking to rock-out, Eatliz is up and about!

Anyone listening to Eatliz for the first time might find the experience slightly bewildering. The music is charming and fascinating and disturbing. It follows standard rock conventions… sometimes. It is easy listening background music… never. Watching one of the videos on this page for the first time, you will feel one of two things: curiosity and a hunger to hear more, or contempt and the desire to murder your speakers. Insert cliche about there being no middle ground.

The songs on their first LP, Violently Delicate (2007) suffer and revel in a bi-polar emotional state. Erratic and contrasting shifts keep the listener guessing where the music will go to next. For example, many of their songs (Bolsheviks, Hey) feature a bridge or chorus that starts out heavy and dense, and quite suddenly climaxes with a major chord and dies away. Cleared up like rays of sunlight breaking through overcast skies.

Eatliz/Photo: Ohad Romano

Guitarist Guy Ben Shetrit is the driving force behind the band. The six piece group formed around him in Tel-Aviv in 2001. A few years passed while the band slowly found its footing, changing band members and styles until finally finding their voice. Lead singer Lee Triffon joined in 2005, bringing her unique voice and wardrobe with her. Her beauty is fascinating, her singing – drop dead gorgeous.

The guitar work is especially intriguing. Each song has a wonderfully woven bed of guitars with layers of chords, effects, and melody (one of the benefits of having three guitarists in the band). At times, the riffs would be comfortably at home in thrash or progressive metal, with plenty of healthy distorted *CHUG *CHUG* *CHUG*. Bringing to mind Guy Ben Shetrit’s previous band – Infectzia. Infectzia were for many people THE underground cult band of the late 90’s and early 00’s, plaguing high-schoolers’ CD players, and later, being shared extensively on Napster and KaZaA. Insert cliche about the naive ol’ days of early online piracy.



One of Eatliz’s crowning achievements is the music video for the song ‘Hey’ (off Violently Delicate). Painstakingly written and headed by Guy Ben Shetrit over a two year period, the video showcases his wild imagination. And also his fascination with bodily fluids.
The clip is an honest visualization of the song, perfectly synced to the song’s mood changes. Disturbing at times and completely heartwarming. The protagonist’s innocence somehow makes her destructive tendencies even more unsettling.
‘Hey’ has won fourteen international awards to date, including the Spike Lee Award for Best Animation in the Babelgum competition. Two recent awards were granted in China, while the video earns more and more hits on youtube.

Eatliz surprisingly can be had on the cheap. Their performances are generally inexpensive, and they offer songs for free on their website. Enjoy this while you can folks, because Eatliz are on the road to The Big Time.

Upcoming shows:

Bass club Jerusalem, Hahisdatroot 1 at 22:00, Saturday February 6, 2010.

Abraxas Club Tel-Aviv, Lilinblum 24, Sunday March 28, 2010. (Free Show)



  1. […] Eatliz is a seriously amazing band. Teasing Nature follows the band’s previous albums: Delicately Violent (2009) and Violently Delicate (2007) and will be available in CD and deluxe edition with live DVD. The album is available online from Anova Music and will hit the stores December 20, 2010. You can click here for a free download of the new single Berlin – a hard-driving paean to nightlife – but you haven’t lived until you’ve heard Eatliz live! […]

  2. I LOVE THEM! Discovered them on 88FM and went out and bought 2 copies of thier CD. The guy at Tower records couldn’t believe a middle-aged lady was buying that album, and my kids find it amusing, but I think they’re brilliant.

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