Jarrell’s Cassandra @Tel Aviv Museum of Art


Gifted and cursed, Cassandra foretold Troy’s destruction yet was believed by none. The powerful symbolism of this character formed the essence of Christa Wolf’s 1984 novel Cassandra, which in turn inspired the opera composed by Michael Jarrell. A monodrama for actress and instrumental ensemble, Cassandra will be performed by the Israel Contemporary Players in collaboration with the Nimrod Opera Zurich, on March 5, 2016, at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Cassandra/Photo: Dalibor Pys
Cassandra/Photo: Dalibor Pys

Cassandra the Trojan priestess, daughter of King Priam, foretells the destruction of Troy by the Greeks. In this stage adaptation, directed by Pamela Hunter, who also performs the role, film and live action camera convey Cassandra’s internal visions and monologue.

The performance will take place on March 5, 2016, at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, at 20:30. TIckets are 90 NIS/45 NIS for students. To order call: 03-6077020/6077070.

Andrea Pestalozza/Photo: Vico Hemla
Andrea Pestalozza/Photo: Vico Hemla

Monodrama by Michael Jarrell
Directed by Pamela Hunter; Conducted by Andrea Pestalozza; Performers: Pamela Hunter – Cassandra, Israel Contemporary Players; Camera: Dalibor Pys; Video Mix: Michaela Pysova; Electronics: Ronald Boursen; Production Nimrod Opera Zurich.