The Angel


Purim is the perfect time to take your little angels to a show. Beit Lessin’s The Angel, a new play by Efraim Sidon directed by Zipi Pines will have two shows on Shushan Purim, Monday, March 1.

The Angel begins among the clouds – where we all lived as angels before our birth. When the time comes for a baby to be born, an angel touches him on the lips and he forgets his previous life as an angel. But what happens when an angel escapes from the sky and makes his way to earth without forgetting his angelic past? Is there room for angels on earth? The talented Beit Lessin Ensemble tell the tale with music by Oren Eldor and Amir Lakner, and choreography by Gilad Kimhi.

The Angel is part of Beit Lessin’s repertoire, so if you miss seeing it during Purim, there are many more opportunities throughout the year.

The Angel
March 1 at 10:30 & 12:30
Beit Lessin Theatre, 101 Dizengof Street, Tel Aviv
Tickets: 03-7255333
March 6 at 11:00
Mediatech, 6 Golda Meir Street, Holon
Tickets: 03-5021555