Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra: Bach & Buxtehude


If the name Buxtehude is not familiar to you, you’ll probably recognize one of his followers – JS Bach.

Both composers will be featured in the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra’s next concert, which will be held on three separate days: Tuesday December 6 at the Israel Conservatory in Tel Aviv, Thursday December 8 at the YMCA in Jerusalem, and a morning concert on Saturday December 10 at the Catholic Church in Mar Elias, Haifa.

Dieterich Buxtehude was a Danish-German composer and organist of the seventeenth century. Bach admired Buxtehude so greatly that at one point he walked 250 miles to meet his idol and hear him play.

Anat Charny
Anat Charny

Of Bach’s enormous composition catalogue, the orchestra has chosen to perform the sixth Brandenburg Concerto, a cornerstone of baroque repertoire. Buxtehude’s “Membra Jesu nostri” will complete the other half of the concert, featuring an excellent ensemble of singers: Tal Ganor, Anat Czarny, Avital Dery, Hillel Sherman and Guy Pelc. David Shemer will conduct and Myrna Herzog will direct Ensemble Phoenix.

The Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra’s last concert left us practically floating, so we are excitedly awaiting this upcoming event. For more information visit For tickets, visit, or call 02-6715888 for the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem concerts or 04-8363804 for the Haifa concert.