Don McLean to Perform in Israel – June 2018

Don McLean/Photo courtesy of PR

Folk troubadour Don McLean will be performing in Israel on June 16, 2018 at Raanana Park Amphitheater. Returning to Israel after a long absence – his first performance here was in 1978 – McLean’s songs have become part of the collective consciousness of a generation, the soundtrack of moments in the past, the music that is always there, in hearts and minds. There are myriad interpretations of his famous song American Pie (which is a lot of fun to sing out loud walking on Allenby late at night), and there is the story surrounding the song Killing Me Softly, said to be inspired by listening to McLean sing Empty Chairs, the 6th track on American Pie (I still have my original vinyl). McLean will be performing in Israel thanks to Vivo Productions. Doors open at 19:30, ticket prices begin at 254 NIS. Order online via this link, or call: *8780.