Wacky Film Club takes on SNL in TLV



Comedy scholar, filmmaker and all-around wild and crazy guy Alon Gur Arye who gave new meaning to the term “Israeli Intelligence” shares his wacky wisdom in a lecture/film series on comic films that changed the course of history. The Wacky Film Club has screenings once a month in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Rosh Pina and Sderot.

The good news is that the different cities are not in sync – which means that while this coming Saturday, March 20 the Tel Aviv Cinematheque will focus on SNL and Bill Murray in Groundhog Day (March 25th at the Jerusalem Cinematheque), you can still catch up on the Marx Brothers and Casablanca in Rosh Pina (tonight!), Mel Brooks and Blazing Saddles in Haifa on Sunday, March 21st, and the Zucker Brothers and Top Secret in Sderot on April 28th.

The madness in his method makes Gur Arye the perfect guide for this tour of cinematic comedy history. Covering the range from serious to silly in the time it takes for a cream pie to hit his face, Gur Arye has an encyclopedic knowledge of the field and shares it with the audience in a performance that is somewhere between a university lecture and stand-up.

The Purim screening of Hellzapoppin’ (1941) starring Ole Oleson, Chic Johnson and Martha Raye was a memorable event. It was an excellent opportunity to see the hilarious historically significant parody, which is unavailable in Israel and rarely screened. The feature was preceded by a fast-paced survey of the history of comedy in film, with clips from Abbott & Costello, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and even the first comic film: a clip from 1895, created by the Lumiere Brothers.

Enjoy clips from the club on youtube and the full expereince at the cinemathque!

Marx Brothers and Night in Casablanca
Rosh Pina Cinematheque, March 17 at 20:30, 04-6801453

Saturday Night Live (SNL) and Ground Hog Day
Tel Aviv Cinematheque, March 20 at 13:00, 03- 6060800
Jerusalem Cinematheque, March 25 at 21:00, 02-5654333

Mel Brooks and Blazing Saddles
Haifa Cinematheque, March 21 at 20:30, 04-8104299

Zucker Brothers and Top Secret
Sderot Cinematheque, April 28 at 20:00, 1-599559555