Mamootot – Batsheva Dance Company

Mamootot/Photo: Gadi Dagon

One of the privileges of writing about dance is the opportunity to see dance performed in the intimacy of the studio. The distance between performers and audience is all but non-existent, every breath and glance visible, the intensity of the experience incomparable. Ohad Naharin’s Mamootot, performed by the Batsheva Dance Company from April 15 – 17, opens that experience to all audiences.

Mamootot (created in 2003) is performed in Studio Varda of the Batsheva Company at the Suzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv, the audience seated on benches set around the four walls, with the dance taking place in the center of the room. It is a demanding work for both audience and dancers. Technical virtuosity alone cannot sustain such a piece, its emotional intensity relies on dancers with powerful personalities, and the Batsheva Company never disappoints. 
Seeing Matmootot is an unforgettable experience.

Mamootot/Photo: Gadi Dagon

April 15 & 17  at 21:00, April 16 at 22:00.There will be a special performance for friends of Batsheva on Saturday, April 17 at 19:00, check out the link for details on the Batsheva facebook page.

Studio Varda, Suzanne Dellal Centre
Tickets: 03-5104037