Jaffa Salon for Palestinian Art


Muhammad Fadel

“I think this is the first exhibit of this breadth,” said Amir Neuman Ahuvia, producer of the Jaffa Salon for Palestinian Art, which will be open from May 15 – 27 at Warehouse 2 in the Jaffa Port, “Palestinian art is mainly exhibited in the peripheral towns, this exhibit brings the work of 40 artists, residents of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, to a central venue.”

Curated by Ahmad Canaan, painter, sculptor and curator of the Tamra Art Gallery in the Western Galilee, the exhibit is intended to showcase the range and diversity of Palestinian Art. Represented in the exhibit are established artists such as Daud Hayek, Ossama Said and Taysar Barkat, alongside emerging artists such as Karim Abu Shakra, Muhammed Fadel and Mahmud Keys. Intended as a selling exhibition, most of the artwork is for sale, however, there are one or two exceptions. Canaan explained that some artists, due to the difficulty of their working conditions, produce very little work and therefore are reluctant to sell their artwork, noting that it is often particularly difficult for women artists to devote time to their art.

Among the participating artists will be: Michael Halak, Buthina Milhem, Mirwat Issa, Ahmad Canaan, Zohadi Kadri, Said Abu Shakra, Hadr Vishah, Nihad Dibit, and Rani Zahrawi and Said El Nahari.

A portion of the proceeds from sales will be dedicated to funding future activities at the Tamra Art Gallery. The exhibit opens on Saturday, May 15 at 20:00 and will be open from 10:00 – 20:00 through May 27, at Warehouse 2, Jaffa Port.


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