Nabucco in the Park 2018


Nabucco, Guiseppe Verdi’s “Jewish” opera will be performed at the Ganei Yehoshua Park on Thursday, August 9, 2018 in a free, outdoor performance. The Israeli Opera and Tel Aviv Municipality continue the popular tradition of summer opera in the park, with a new production directed by Gadi Schecter, and conducted by Yishai Steckler.

Madame Butterfly in the park/Photo: Yossi Zwecker

The opera focuses on the historical figure of Nabucco, Nebuchadnezzar II, King of Babylon, who destroyed the First Temple, and the plight of the Jews. It was composed by Verdi during a difficult time in his life. Following the death of his wife and two infant children Verdi had vowed never to compose music again. But impresario Merelli convinced him to read Temistocle Solera’s libretto, and eventually, Verdi composed the opera. According to one version of this story, Verdi threw the libretto down, the book opened on a random page, and his eyes fell on the phrase “Va, pensiero, sull’ali dorate (Fly, thought, on golden wings), destined to become the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves, one of the most popular songs of the opera.

As the Babylonian army converges on Jerusalem, the Israelites pray. Although the situation is grim, there is some hope for peace, as they hold a hostage: Fenena, Nabucco’s younger daughter. Guarding Fenena is Ismaele, the nephew of the King of Jerusalem and a former envoy to Babylon. Fenena and Isamaele are in love. The romantic and political plots become even further entangled as Abigaille, Nabucco’s elder daughter, enters Jerusalem in disguise, and as one might guess, Abigaille is also in love with Ismaele. She is also in love with power.

Soloists in this performance will be: Ionut Pascu as Nabucco, Ira Bertman as Abigaille, Insung Sim as Zaccaria, Domenico Menini as Ismaele, Shay Bloch as Fenena, Oded Reich as the High Priest, Oshri Segev as Abdallo, and Anastasia Kleven as Anna.

Nabucco will be performed at Ganei Yehoshua on Thursday, August 9, 2018. The gates will open at 19:00, and the performance is scheduled to begin at 20:30. Admission free.

Link to Nabucco in the Park facebook event.