Holon Adloyada Purim Parade 2019

Holon Adloyada Purim Parade/Photo: Sharon Hanasi

It’s carnival time! Holon will celebrate Purim with a colorful, gargantuan Adloyada parade on Thursday, March 21, 2019. Inspired by Rio and the great carnivals of the world, the event will feature acrobats, bands, dancers, street theatre, circus arts, and more! The parade begins at 12:00, from 135 Sokolov (corner of Yosef Serlin St), then turning left to march along HaNesi’im, and then to Weizmann St., culminating opposite the Holon Municipal building at Weizmann 58 (corner of Golomb). There will be wheelchair accessible areas at Weizmann St. 19 – 23 (entrance from Khoma Umigdal St), and Sokolov St. 97 – 101 (entrance from Eliyahu Krauze St).

Opening the parade will be a Brazilian carnival float with live music, including popular figure Yuval Hamebulbal on drums. Cue music, pyrotechnics and confetti, as the parade marches on with:

Pegasus the winged horse of Hercules mounted by a daring acrobat, and accompanied by two angels.

Stephane & Neta Barzilay – Holon Adloyada Purim Parade

Larger than life special guests – Israeli celebrities Omer Adam, Eden Ben Zaken, Neta Barzilay and Stephane – will join in the fun!

History and fantasy merge as giant dinosaurs, 5 meters high and 7 meters long, and colorful dragons meet and greet with the spectators.

The Dragons of Barcelona – Holon Adloyada Purim Parade

Artist Adam Yachin has created for the parade a giant mammoth and lion, both made of paper.

Two mysterious ladies will fly through the air, and following them will be three butterflies with gigantic wings riding tricycles.

A huge car made from recycled materials, a bicycle installation made of umbrellas, and couches designed with thousands of balloons, as well as a TAIKO float with drummers and dancers in Japanese style that comes directly from Burning Man in the US.

Mini carnivals of all kinds will grace the parade – a Mexican carnival from the Holon School of Carnival Arts, a candy carnival, an animal carnival, a masked carnival, a cabaret in red and black, a Rio carnival, and a unicorn carnival.

Closing the parade will be a street party with DJs in the square opposite the Holon Municipality from 14:00 – 15:30.

The Holon Adloyada General Manager and producer: Haim Messika, of the Holon Municipality Events Department; Artistic Director: Eran Fisher “Rosh Hutzot”; Line producer: Yan Birbrier; Design of installations: Studio Gil