International Yoga Festival 2019

Photo: Raphael Pinkas

“Open Heart” is the theme for the International Yoga Festival, that will take place from May 23 – 25, 2019 at Gan Hashlosha National Park. Now in its 4th edition, the festival has become a tradition attracting yoga lovers, with teachers and participants from Israel and around the world. The festival is intended for yoga enthusiasts at all levels, from occasional practitioners to those for whom it has become a way of life.

A beautiful natural setting is the backdrop to workshops, music performances, talks, and special areas such as the unique water zone, a family area, merchant’s stalls, food and a well-equipped camping area.  Founded by Nir Haim Shakaroff in 2016, the festival chooses a theme each year as the inspiring spark for the workshops. This year’s theme is “Open Heart” with the intention of encouraging people to let go of frameworks and open up to new experiences and adventures, living life to the fullest with an open heart. Festival founder Nir Haim Shakaroff stated: “Yoga and meditation create a bridge between people. In an era of walls and separation, we are in constant search for ways to connect and truly meet on another. And to do so, we need to open your hearts. The workshops and activities in the festival will correspond with this theme and idea.”

Festival events:

The water zone is one of the festival’s most intriguing aspects, with workshops and activities conducted in the water by Israel’s most senior yoga instructors, including elements that combine free diving and breathing, yoga, swimming and more.

International yoga teachers expected to attend the festival include: Kaliji (USA), founder of the TriYoga Method, Julian Brass (Canada), coach and teacher specializing in anxiety reduction through Yoga, Juan Gabriel (Chile), who is Shiva Rea’s dedicated disciple and senior affiliate teacher, Alfons Trashel, a leader in the field Thai massage therapy, physiotherapist Rachel Krentzman (USA) and many other senior teachers. The arts will feature in the program with performances by Forestt, Chant Club of California, Anna RF, and Uruguayan percussionist and virtuoso Joseph Pappe Danza. To further its social agenda, the festival donates a part of the profits to support projects that combine yoga, meditation and other tools from the spiritual world to promote peace and healing among different populations.

The full schedule of events will be posted on the International Yoga Festival website.  Follow updates on the facebook page.

Tickets for the festival are already on sale on the festival website. Early bird tickets now on sale for 379 NIS, full price is 450 NIS. Children under 5 are 10 NIS, over 5 – 180 NIS.