Haifa International Film Festival 2019: Awards

Reborn/Photo: Nizan Lotem and Shai Skiff

35th Haifa International Film Festival Awards:

Best Israeli Feature Film Competition

Africa/Photo: Adi Moses

Africa directed by Oren Gerner and Reborn directed by Yaron Shani shared the top prize.

The Carmel Award for Best Film – International Competition

While at War, directed by Alejandro Amenábar

The Golden Anchor Competition for Best Debut Film

Lillian, directed by Andreas Horvath

The Danny Lernar Award for the Best Feature Debut

Africa, directed by Oren Gerner

The Script Award – in collaboration with the Scriptwriters’ Guild

Happy Times/Photo: Mary Alice Rodrigo

Happy Times, written by Guy Ayal and Michael Mayer

The Michael Shvily Award for Best Actor and Actress

Meir Gerner and Oren Gerner/Photo courtesy of Haifa International Film Festival

Meir Gerner was awarded Best Actor for Africa.

Reborn creators with Best Actress winners Stav Almagor, Ori Shani and Lea Tonic

The Best Actress was awarded to Stav Almagor, Ori Shani and Lea Tonic for Reborn.

The Anat Pirchi Award for Cinematography in a Feature Film

Shai Skiff and Nizan Lotem for Reborn

The Anat Pirchi Award for Editing in a Feature Film

Einat Glaser Zarhin for The Art of Waiting

The Rozalia Katz Award for Best Documentary Film

Underground Ballet/Photo: Itzik Portal

Underground Ballet, directed by Lina Chaplin

The Tobias Szpancer Award for Best Film – Between Israeli and Jewish Identity Competition

The Mover, directed by Davis Sīmanis.