Lo Bashamayim 2021

Upper Galilee Chorus

The Lo Bashamayim Festival will take place from July 20 – 22, 2021, at the Tel Hai College in the Upper Galilee. An initiative of the Upper Galilee Regional Council, the festival is a celebration of literature with literary events, outdoor performances, panel discussions, and tours in the region.

A selection of festival highlights

Literary events:

Encounter with the author Yishai Sarid, discussing his books The Memory Monster and Victorious

Encounter with Sami Bardugo, winner of the Sapir Prize for Literature, discussing his book Donkey

Encounters with the poets Sari Shavit and Elad Zeret

Rino Tzror discussing his new book Shem Mishpacha (Family Name)

Professor Nurit Govrin discussing the literary researcher as detective

Professor Nissim Kalderon discussing the work of Nathan Zach

Encounter with the poet Amichai Hasson

Dr. Yakov Z. Mayer discussing his book Nehemiah

Encounter with the author Hanna Yablonka

Lecture by Professor Nissim Kalderon on Meir Ariel, with a musical performance by Idan Toledano

Roni Cuban hosts singer Shuli Rand

Amir Dadon/Photo: Shlomi Pinto

Music Events:

Evyatar Banai hosts Amir Dadon at Galil Mountain Winery

Yehuda Poliker at Tel-Hai College

Celebrating 40 years to the Galatz show ‘4 in the afternoon’

Songs of Rachel with Aya Korem, Anna Shpitz, Muki Zur and Idan Toledano

Upper Galilee Chorus in a performance edited and hosted by Eliyahu HaCohen, with soloist Efrat HaCohen, and Eyal Bat on piano, conducted by Ron Zarhi

A cultural journey through the history Jewish music with Omer Ben Rubi

From Ibn Gvirol to Uzi Hitman – Eyal Haviv will host a musical journey looking at Sephardic Piyyut and its connection to Israeli music, with guest Hani Nahmias


The HaBima National Theatre production of Nava Semel’s play Talk About Their Whereabouts, directed by Aya Kaplan

Tickets may be ordered on the website: www.lo-bashamayim.org.il, or call 04-6816640. Information on accommodations and tours in the Upper Galilee: www.makom-tour.co.il