2022 Platinum MUSE Creative Award to ANU – Museum of the Jewish People

ANU – Museum of the Jewish People/Photo: Shahar and Ziv Katz

[PRESS RELEASE] ANU – Museum of the Jewish People and Gallagher & Associates have been awarded the 2022 Platinum MUSE Creative Award in the category of Experiental and Immersive Design. The Platinum Award is the top award in each category of this competition, which this year included over 6000 entries from around the world. Founded and hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), these awards aim to promote excellence in various creative and design industries by providing professionals a platform to compete against their peers. The jury panel includes 37 judges from around the world; esteemed professionals who hold key positions and are affiliated with leading companies in the creative and design industries. The main goal of the competition is to identify companies and individuals whose excellence and talents are capable of serving as new benchmarks in their respective industries.

“The team here at IAA is taken aback by the works we had received for the 2022 MUSE Awards. The level of refinement and the depth of completion truly represent the best of the creative and design industries,” noted Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA.

Dan Tadmor, CEO, ANU – Museum  of the Jewish People, stated, “Throughout the years of planning and building the museum, led by Chief Curator Dr. Orit Shaham-Gover and Project Director Medy Shvide, the emphasis of the team was not only on what we tell but also how we tell it. The MUSE Award is a recognition of our success in producing a unique, creative and exciting visitor experience.”

Patrick Gallagher, President and Founder, Gallagher and Associates and Lead Designer for the ANU project said, “The MUSE Award is preeminent in the museum world and highly regarded in the international marketplace. Great kudos to ANU, and the team whose creativity sets the standards for cultural institutions of the future.

 ANU – Museum of the Jewish People is the world’s largest and most comprehensive Jewish museum. It is the only institution that tells the multifaceted story of the Jewish people in its entirety; the story of a people in constant renewal. The museum features over 1000 displays, historic and modern artifacts and works of art, 53 specially-produced original films and 25 state-of-the-art interactive stations, appropriate for families and visitors of all ages.

Opened in March, 2021, ANU is a leading global cultural institution; illuminating Jewish history, culture and identity in all of its rich diversity and showcasing the contribution of Jews to modern civilization.  For more information, visit www.anumuseum.org.il

*the information above was provided by ANU – Museum of the Jewish People