Oz in the City

Yasmeen Godder Love Fire/Photo: Tamar Lam

There’s no place like home – if you live in Tel Aviv. But even if you’re from Kansas, you can enjoy “Oz in the City” a weekend of interdisciplinary performance works taking place throughout Tel Aviv. Curated by Yehudit Shapira Haviv, the works chosen merge art, music, cinema, dance, new media and theatre and will take place in diverse venues. Even the name, with it’s allusion to both the Land of Oz and the Hebrew word for courage, sets up the expectation of an unusual journey.

Oz in the City – Full Program

Wednesday, June 2
“Hey Britney”/”Voice Over”
20:00 Tmu-na, 8 Soncino St, 03-5611211
“Hey Britney”
Created by Yair Vardi and Alit kreiz
Alit Kreiz – performer
“Voice over”
Created and performed by Michal Dvir
Two pieces, two intentions, two attempts by two separate women on stage, claiming their right to exist peacefully and intensively.
“Fight or Flight”
21:30 Tmu-na
Sagit Mezamer – video installation and drawings and Zohar Shafir (Nico Teen) – music and singing
Parts of video installation, Yordei Hasira, in which as an array of drawings are consequently merged together using digital editing techniques combined with a work of sound and song.



Eifo Dana


“Eifo Dana” Company
22:00 Tmu-na
Created by The Eifo Dana Company, Yair Kass – Music, Ram Matza – video
Six minutes and forty seconds, five meters wide paper, and through a timed sequence of actions, Eifo Dana will perform a collective ritual that ends with the erection of a large origami paper object. The performance will be accompanied by live video feeds.
22:15 Tmu-na
Ori Lichtik – Musician, DJ, drummer – creates original music for modern dance performance. He is an expert on varied techniques of sound that revolves around groove, rhythm, and improvisation.

Animal Memories Amit Drori and Gai Sherf

“Animal Memories”
22:45 Tmu-na
Gai Sherf – musician and Amit Drori – theatre director and designer
In this audio/visual installation on stage there are objects inspired by music, music inspired by objects, mechanical animals, digital nature, and imaginary landscapes.
“Bney Hama”
23:15 Tmu-na
Ishai Adar – electronic musician and film composer and Ohad Fishof – musician, dancer and artist
In this live show electronic synthesizer tunes and background sounds join fragmented texts and movement creating danceable beats that combine minimalism and drama.

Thursday, June 3
“Marina P.O.P”

21:00 Zimmer, 5 HaGdud HaIvri Street
17:30-19:30 Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd. 03-6077020
Shahar Marcus–  visual artist
This performance is a personal journey that is both physical and spiritual.
20:00 Rothschild 69
Video by Nir Evron, participants: Uzi Feinerman – musical score and performance and Shaham Ohana – music
This video projection with live music soundtrack consists of archive material and original soundtrack. These materials undergo digital manipulation making them deconstruct and reform in a way that resembles the sewing and fraying of fabric.
21:00 Rothschild 69
Nevet Yitzhak – video, audio and direction and Yael Barolsky – violinist
Schnechentempo combines live music (solo violin), video, and soundtrack.
“Body Without Organs – Experiment No.1”
19:30 CCA
Adiya Porat–  Curator
A spatial composition constructed event, which enables one-time meetings between artworks that exist in different spaces and random times.
Ach with Alex Drool –Zimmer View’s gooay Mo’p
21:00 Zimmer
Live audio/video by Michal Rivlin and Asaf Setty

Friday, June 4
“Friday, an excerpt from Seven Days” (a work in progress)

12:00 CCA
Created by Ariel Efraim Ashbel, Maya Dunietz and Alona Rodeh
Friday is a day of audio-visual happenings inspired by the sixth day of creation, as it is depicted in Genesis I.
Supported by Tel Aviv Municipality with the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the arts and The Pais (Israeli lottery) Committee for Arts and Culture.
“On the yellow brick road…”
16:00-19:00 Cinematheque
5 comments on The Wizard of Oz combined with rare clips from the film by Uri Klein, Gili Bar-Hillel Semo, Sahara Blau, Sivan Shtang, and Yehuda Nuriel
“Love Fire”
12:00 Yasmeen Godder’s studio, 1 HaTkuma St, Yafo
By Yasmeen Godder and Yochai Matos
This dance performance is about the aesthetics of romance through a personal and private prism and with the desire to be moved and charged by it, without judging it.
Oz in the Spaceship
18:00 The Spaceship – 70 Hayarkon St
A carnival wandering off the Yellow Brick Road and into the Spaceship
Among the Goofs: Ilanit Ben Yaakov and Vered Dror, Bordel Total, Daphna and the Cookies, Jossef Krispel, Sally Krysztal Kramberg, Hybrid Lava, Michel Platnic, Ariela Plotkin, Achi Raz, Meital Raz, Nissim Zadok

18:00 Zimmer



Saturday, June 5
“Ballet in Levinsky Garden”

19:00 Levinsky Garden
By Netally Schlosser, Lior Waterman, Moti Brecher
The Garden Library for Migrant Communities in Tel Aviv hosts Ballet in Levinsky Garden, a unique event combining performance and dance. During the event a variety of dance will be performed including performances from Ethiopia, Ecuador, the Philippines, India, China, and Sudan.
Produced with the support of the Rabinovich Foundation
“Dado-masochism” – Marina P.O.P
20:00 Rothschild 12
By Rafael Balbirski and Guy Hugler
A unique integration of sound and visual mediums referencing a vanished entertainment form called “Spook Shows,” using the “pleasure of fear” principle
Mikraot Israel
21:00 Rothschild 12
By Joseph Sprinzak
Audio performance based on voice processing and sound technologies of texts out of “Mikraot Israel.” The manipulation of the material gives an ironic meaning to the affinity between language studies and the conquest of Israel’s ethos.
Music Show
22:00 Rothschild 12
Ariela Plotkin (Miss PLO) and Barak Ravitz together and separately perform adapted sweeping pop songs in a dramatic, cabaret style.
23:00 Rothschild 12
By Shahar Yahalom, Noga Shatz and Alex Levi
An alternative rock band of three musicians who play original material in English
Music by Avi Sabah, Pesach Slabosky and Gabi Kricheli
24:00 Rothschild 12
These three artists create the music during the show in an exciting and scary way
Ashmai HaVideo Hosts: Schenkentempo
21:00 Zimmer
Nevet Yitzhak and Yael Barolsky
Live video concert with violin