Batsheva to Perform Naharin’s Shalosh (Three)

Batsheva Dance Company – Shalosh/Photo: Askaf

The Batsheva Dance Company will perform Ohad Naharin’s Shalosh (Three) on the stage of the Israeli Opera, with three shows from May 9 – 11, 2024.

Naharin created Shalosh for the Batsheva Dance Company in 2005, and it has graced local and international stages many times ever since. Three is a number with myriad associations and resonance, encompassing the realms of myth and mathematics, expressing minimalism, balance, and embracing asymmetry. In art, music, and literature, the triptych (or trilogy) is a well-known form, composed of three parts that develop one or more themes through the relationship between the parts, their shared qualities and contrasts.

Naharin’s Shalosh is composed of three sections, each taking its name from Latin. In Bellus (pretty, pleasant) the dancers move to the sounds of Bach’s Goldenberg Variations, as performed by the inimitable Glenn Gould. The next part, Humus (earth, land) enters a somewhat different landscape with Brian Eno’s Neroli providing the soundtrack to an introspective exploration of the moving body. The final part is called Secus, which means ‘to the contrary’ or ‘otherwise’. Shalosh is marked by an intimacy and extreme simplicity – set and costumes are minimal, the emphasis is on the dancers and the movement. The intense involvement generated by that focus creates a richly dense sensory experience, one that can be savoured time and again.

Batsheva Dance Company – Shalosh/Photo: Askaf

Shalosh will be performed by the dancers of the Batsheva Dance Company: Iyar Elezra, Billy Barry, Yael Ben Ezer, Yarden Bareket, Guy Davidson, Sean Howe, Matan Cohen, Adrienne Lipson, Gianni Notarnicola, Ari Nakamura, Yoni (Yonatan) Simon, Danai Porat, Igor Ptashenchuk, Nathan Chipps, Londiwe Khoza. The performance includes nudity.

Performances will take place at the Israeli Opera: Thursday, May 9th at 20:00; Friday, May 10th at 13:00, Saturday, May 11th at 17:00. To order tickets call: 03-692777.



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